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Funny Gems & Cringe Anecdotes From the Depths of LinkedIn

The state of LinkedIn is grim
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All The Best “I’m Partnering With” Pride Month Tweets That Skewer LGBTQIA+ Corporatization

Deliciously cynical
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Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss' Absurd Productivity Expectations

Many working from home have clever methods to keep them from appearing 'idle'
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Someone Asked “What the F#$% Do You Do At An Office Job?” & TikTokers Responses are Hilarious

Someone Asked “What the F#$% Do You Do At An Office Job?” & TikTokers Responses are Hilarious

What do you from 9 to 5? Some say talk sh*t; some say eat pizza. It’s all different.
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Worker Suggests 'Mouse Jiggler' Hack to Anyone Being Tracked by Their Boss While Working From Home

When @thecorporatemama posted a satirical video poking fun at toxic managers who closely surveil how often their employees appear idle on virtual workspaces like Slack and Teams, @adriannarebekah replied with the work hack of a lifetime. @adriannarebekah #stitch with @thecorporatemama #workfromhome #wfh #wfhlife #wfhhacks #wfhcheck #wfhstruggles #wfhproblems #MaiselChallenge #MakeItGucci ♬ original sound - Adrianna Ortiz @adriannarebekah's went viral, gaining 10.8 million views, 1.7 million lik…
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Corporate Slacker Confession Starts Debate On Usefulness Of White Collar Jobs

Sounds like the life.
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How Brands Expect Consumers to React to Their Gratuitous Pride Pandering

The cringe is real
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Funny memes about corporate America

16 Memes For Frustrated Underpaid Workers

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Movin' Up The Corporate Ladder!

"I grew up living paycheck to paycheck, but through hard work and perseverance I now live direct deposit to direct deposit"
Via Ryder2800

Business Cat: The Corporate Ladder Is Terrifying

Business Cat corporate down heights ladder top tree - 4914361856
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