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Funny tweets, random tweets, twitter memes, relatable tweets, covid-19, coronavirus | Tom Burgess @Tomb_Urges Whenever see someone on one these like imagine they started out with much larger vehicle and their journey has been riddled with mishaps. | love being wrong @InternetHippO America's COVID strategy 3 months ago vs now pretend do not see COVID-19 new coronavirus, first ident fied Chna December 2019, has caused an outbreak respiratory ilness World Heakh Organization named COVID-19 Fobruary

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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, coronavirus tweets, covid-19 tweets | Megan Rebekah @_meggybread Day 1 self-isolation shall write book, organise my garden, learn language or three Day 3 self-isolation: Spent an hour arguing over sandwich with my cat forgotten sound human voices wallpaper my room is really starting freak out | Gordon Maloney @gordonmaloney here is landlord evicting paramedic middle global pandemic literally because he works NHS Actually joe on reflection am now

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Funny tweets, funny memes, dank memes, dank tweets, social distancing, covid-19, coronavirus, coronavirus tweets, quarantine | David Klion @DavidKlion So no one told life gonna be this way job's remote broke hiding plague | David Farrier @davidfarrier cannot stop laughing at everything about this Liam Gallagher thought he had coronavirus but his house just hot s confusing and scary'

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Doctor Faheem Younus debunks myths about coronavirus covid-19 | Faheem Younus, MD O @FaheemYounus 6/10 tired staying home. Is risky go out run? Go. Run. Jog. Laugh. Just don't do with loads people. Our air isn't contaminated with coronavirus. 9:22 PM 3/17/20 Twitter Web App

Doctor's Twitter Thread Debunks Common Coronavirus Myths

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Fresh and funny tweets, twitter memes, coronavirus tweets, coronavirus memes, covid-19, toilet paper | Dude-Bro Dad @thedadvocate01 once can honestly tell my wife they were all out thing forgot get. 12:03 PM 3/15/20 Twitter iPhone | Stephanie Boland O @stephanieboland On sofa and hear boyfriend start laughing himself kitchen. Turns out he'd just learned 88 couples have come out quarantine China and immediately filed divorce 2:48 AM 3/15/20 Twitter Web App

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Reality Check

Funny meme about how not everyone will write shakespeare-esque material while under quarantine for covid-19 coronavirus, rob schneider wrote hot chicks while in quarantine for sars
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Funny tweets from the Lawrence Kansas PD about coronavirus response | LAWRENCE POLICE Lawrence Police @LawrenceKS_PD ART KS Ask yourself "is this enough toilet paper last until August and then do not buy much toilet paper. Also, don't steal toilet paper violates no crime order.

Lawrence Kansas Police Department Tackles Coronavirus With Humor

Stop hoarding toilet paper!
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funny tweets, random tweets, coronavirus, coronavirus tweets, the office, alanis morisette | Indy @IndecisiveJones alanis morissette want know happy ex boyfriend: aww alanis morissette wish nothing but best both ex boyfriend: thank s good taking so wel- alanis morissette deep breath | Daniel Burnell @the_real_bnell Office: Coronavirus Michael ignores work home" memo because he thinks everyone should be together at time like this Dwight acts completely normal claims genetic immunity Angela wears

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Funny tweets, funny fresh tweets, relatable tweets, random tweets, coronavirus tweets, covid-19 | Motley @MotleyTheMutt secret billionaires club billionaire 1: and did make billions? billionaire 2: stock market billionaire 3: bitcoin 3 bottles hand sanitizer and pack facemasks | logan @brainwxrms girls be like ugh hate him so much he's horrible at communicating and isn't nice and can't even manage do bare minimum but yeah hanging out tonight he gets back bar

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