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Dad Joke Memes For Funny Fathers Undeterred by Teenage Groans

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30 Punny Memes That Deserve a Groan

Puns are an acquired taste ; you either love them, hate them or have that gene that makes them taste like soap. I've found that my ideal way to consume puns is by reading them to myself. It gives me time to process the joke and decide whether I think it's actually funny or if it's a total groaner. You need privacy to make that decision. If someone in real life tries to make puns and expects me to laugh at them, they've got another thing coming. That is the behavior of a corny individual, and I…
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Corny Facebook Memes Only Your Boomer Family Could Enjoy

The last few months have been pretty difficult for me, social media-wise. I deleted Instagram to spend less time on the Internet. It backfired. See, it's necessary to have Facebook and Twitter for work. And as much as I love the insanity of Twitter, I can only handle so much before I feel insane or another Elon Musk post makes me physically ill. So I end up mindlessly scrolling, yet again - but in a darker place. That place is Facebook. Scrolling Facebook, at least on my timeline, consists of a…
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A Smuggled Selection of Funny Star Wars Memes (April 28, 2023)

I've been a Star Wars fan since pretty much the age of five. I went from watching the original trilogy to playing the computer games my dad purchased at Costco. And while some of the re-enactments my cousin and I did were dark AF, I have always enjoyed the lighthearted side of the franchise, including the endless stream of memes that have been created over the years. From classic quotes to hilarious mashups, the world of Star Wars memes is as diverse and entertaining as the galaxy far, far away…
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BAd and cringey facebook memes

Corny and Stupid Memes From the Unfunny Pits of Facebook

Does anyone actually use Facebook anymore? I find myself asking that question every time I log in for work. And each time I'm surprised by the number of people sharing their boring thoughts and baby pics on the godforsaken social networking site. While there are a lot of people contributing to some solid “Weird Facebook” groups and themed meme pages, the most vocal characters on Zuckerburg's sinister brainchild are decidedly unfunny, bordering on unhinged. We're talking middle aged women who po…
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Funny dad jokes, corny memes, fatherhood, puns, lol | Jim Halpert from The Office looking through window blinds Dads waiting January 1st 0:01 so they can say haven't seen since last year. | Dad @thedad DAD Dad law requires dads say one following ready leave Let's rock n roll -Let's skeedadle -Saddle up, partners -Let's get heck outta dodge -Time hit road -Let's blow this popsicle stand -Let's hightail outta here -Let's get this show on road

Corny Memes and Tweets to Satisfy Everyone's Inner Dad

Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
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30+ Funny Dad Memes For Total Cornballs

Channel your inner dad
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40+ Funky Memes for People Who Love Jokes

These memes really take the cake
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Completely False

Funny meme about how this hand (emo drawing) says you can't heal yourself by hurting others, But that's not true with Pokemon moves
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This doesn't seem healthy.

Funny random memes, dank memes, lol, inside you are two wolves, x-ray, lol
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Funny random memes, dank memes, lol, stupid memes

48 Funny Memes With A Little Bit Of Everything

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Funny and cringey Facebook boomer memes | Sir, please understand buy an anti-depressant pill need proper prescription Simply showing marriage certificate wife's picture is not enough at CartoonGenie | She asked Grandma present Frozen" collection. Steamabla Great Value Frozen Mixed Vegetables Came, Gruen Beans, Com Fas

Cringeworthy Memes Your Family Probably Shared On Facebook

Surprisingly, this gallery is Minion-free
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Wholesome Memes, Cringe Memes, Funny Memes, Corny Memes, Relatable Memes | Choose One. Be Rich Read Minds hug my partner Invisibility made with mematic | tell man all tea cause he's ur best friend 90sbes Faonocial Patrick Star Chris Evans long acrylic nails hoop earrings

22 Cringey Memes About Being In Love

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Corny memes, dad jokes, puns | INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY CENTER AND END MANKIND USED SO MUCH TOILET PAPER, THEY WIPED THEMSELVES OUT | Allison @AllieLia woman is sitting at her deceased husband's funeral man leans her and asks Do mind if say word No, go right ahead woman replies man stands, clears his throat, says "Plethora and sits back down Thanks woman says means lot"

Corny Memes & Puns For Lovers Of Dad Jokes

Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
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funny stupid memes, stupid memes, bad memes, unfunny memes | Savage! Hello busy ABCDEFG__JKLM NOPQRSTU V W X Y Hi? Sorry l'm busy 70 Years in ice Result 20 Years with Wife Result

Wildly Unfunny Memes For People Who Like Pain

Just terrible.
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Funny memes about fishing

Funny Fishing Memes For When You'd Rather Be Casting

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