A compilation of memes about Midwestern states in the midwest

Midwest Memes For Real Midwesterners

When I was in college in Ohio, so many people wore shirts to football games that read “Ohio Against The World.” At the time, I thought it was pretty funny because I didn't think it was that dramatic. Is the world really that at odds with Ohio? Now that I'm no longer living in the midwest, I see that so many people hate the midwest for no real reason. I think a lot of the resentment toward the midwest is based on the coastal preconception that it's a boring place where nothing happens. What non-…
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ridiculous hot tub that has built-in boiler to cook corn goes hilariously viral

'Hot Tub Corn Machine': Woman finds hot tub with built-in corn stove boiler hilarious, goes so viral the company is now giving her one

...why tho?
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Corn Kid Announces Retirement in Wholesome Interview

School > corn
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'IT'S CORN! A big lump with knobs': Wholesome Kid Becomes a Meme For Raving About His Love For Corn on the Cob

Its got the juice
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mildly interesting photos, photographs, infographic, frozen succulents, danny devito, batman returns | series of photos showing danny devito being transformed into the penguin on the set of batman returns. corn cob vs what corn used to look like in nature.

Mildly Interesting Photos That Might Pique Your Interest

The more you know.
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Damn Hippies

Cereal box that reads, "Veganic sprouted ancient maze flakes;" someone replies, "What's a 27-letter word for 'corn'"
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Funny meme about corn sex dungeon.
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It Needs Teepee For Its Cornhole

corn failbook facebook - 8975642368
Created by SirPotsworth
corn wtf Video - 81960449

It's a Guy With Cornrows Eating Corn, Listening to Korn

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This Prank is Too Corny

image prank puns This Prank is Too Corny
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That Was Corny

corn puns image - 8795126528
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corn slow motion Video - 80095489

Eating Corn on a Drill Looks Like an Even Worse Idea in Slow Motion

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corn Video - 79837185

When You Just Can't Eat Corn Fast Enough

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Finally, a Website Where You Can Watch Some Hot, Steamy Corn

website april fools corn Finally, a Website Where You Can Watch Some Hot, Steamy Corn
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What You Do With It is Your Business

corn that looks naughty pornhub NSFW - 8761120256

You Laugh, But Somebody Out There is Into It

funny memes corn hub
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