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College Student Discovers Two Courses Using Same PowerPoint Slides, Sparks Higher Education Debate

$46,000 for this?
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This Is A Godless Land

Funny meme about pressing the 'print' button twice
Via LeoSenior

They'll Never Notice A Thing!

Caption that reads, "'Can I copy your homework?' 'Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied;' 'Okay'" above a pic of the Starbucks logo above a pic of a knock-off brand's logo called "Stars and Bucks Cafe"
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How Is This Legal?

bad idea copy funny keys - 8325924864

Hooray for Piracy!

copy funny internet piracy stolen - 8005690880


cat baby copy - 4516337920
See all captions Created by Wafflez11


copy idiots link newspaper - 4605282560
See all captions Created by martindurin2


copy disney Jungle Book winnie the pooh - 4697675520
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CopyPasta Fail

copy google image Okay Paste - 5689456896
Created by Unknown

He's a Purrfect Impusstor

cat copy copycat double meaning literalism - 5443035392
Created by SilverLuna


cat copy hilarious imitation statue tiger - 5420112640
Created by SilverLuna

OCD Otter: Save As New Document

computers copy Memes Paste save - 5353699328
Created by Zwood24513

Pushing Patrick: The Way to Deal with It

copy Harry Potter memebase pushing patrick twilight - 5172748800
See all captions Created by HellRyder666

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Spam

copy facebook hearts spam status yo dawg - 5134338304
Created by Anonymous

I'm More Partial to Copypasta

Command copy double meaning literalism - 5097691904
Created by RazorShader

I'm More Partial to Mimicking Magpies

browser cat Command computer copy copycat double meaning internet literalism option - 4809849344
Created by electrodinosaur
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