Someone Made This Amazing Indoor Oasis and I've Never Wanted to Sleep Somewhere This Badly Ever

Plants are awesome. There's really no denying it. They're all green and fresh and give us the air we breathe.

Now, having plants in your house is one thing, but having an entire indoor forest is a whole other amazing-tastic ballgame. 

This place is straight out of a fantasy novel. Opening a door and being greeted with an enchanted forest is something we'd expect to see in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Like this place looks like it belongs in the Lord of the Rings, I'm half expecting to spot Treebeard in one of these photos or something or like Blibo to pop off that ring all of a sudden and appear. 

All I know, is I want to sleep here, and somehow we need to make that happen. Honestly, Airbnb's asking price of £200 a night isn't too bad for this dream.

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