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Girl Shows Her Great Uncle Wikipedia, Starts Wholesome Discussion About Older Generations And The Internet

As digital natives, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about the internet. It often feels like it sucks up a lot of our time for no good reason, and there are plenty of valid criticisms to be made about misinformation, abuse and screen addiction. However, when thinking about our own online experiences we can lose sight of those that differ. For the many in older generations who are unfamiliar with the internet, its benefits can be far more appreciated — and it isn’t limited to the …
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Funny shitposts about forklifts |  photographer took pictures people before and after they got Forklift certified FORKLIFT-MEMES yellow hardhat helmet | Women aren't impressed by guy who can move pallet heavy boxes with cool machine have college degree and own very nice home. P'll get by on my looks and personally. Yup, there's no need become forklift certified. putting on clown makeup

Dumb Forklift Certified Memes For Extra Cool People

Forklift-certified people are cooler than everyone else.
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Funny video showing a crane operator trolling a guy trying to sunbathe by moving the crane's shadow over him

Crane Operator Trolls Guy Trying To Sunbathe

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Funny video of a guy imitating David Attenborough's narration of a construction site

Dude Impersonates David Attenborough, Narrates A Construction Site

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Going Places

Funny meme about legos, Twitter
Via dankmemesgang

I'm A Genius

Funny meme about thinking you can start a construction company when you build a lego set quicker than the time they give you.
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wtf China construction driving Video - 79585025

It Would Make More Sense if These Fighting Bulldozers Were Actually Transformers

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Overly Honest Road Sign

funny memes slow construction ahead sign
Via AchillesPDX

Timelapse of Roadwork Being Done

construction gifs - 8100965120
By Unknown

George? GEORGE?

construction construction workers - 8183283456

You Dig DOWN, Dingus!

whoops facepalm construction funny - 7889037056
Via Reddit

Moving the Moon

construction crane moon wtf - 6288673280
By GalderGollum

Head-Banging Constuction Worker

mindwarp gifs construction head banging - 8447756544
By Unknown

Constructing a Wire Fence

gifs construction fences - 8416957952
By Unknown

A Castle Rises From the Rubble

castle construction funny disneyland - 8375268608
By Unknown

The Construction Donkey

construction donkey funny - 8367386880
By GhettoRedneck
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