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This Blacksmith is Tired of Hearing "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams," so He's Settling the Argument Once and for All

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I'm Not Saying I Believe Back to the Future Predicted 9/11, But It Sure is a Lot of Coincidence

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Sock Conspiracy

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There are Two Kinds of Conspiracy Theorists

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Conspiracy Theory

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Do You Believe in Any of These Bizarre Conspiracy Theories?

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Wouldn't it be Nice to Live in This Kind of Fantasy World?

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Dank Memes Did 9/11

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The Secret Service Is Controlled by the Illuminati

secret service mind control towers
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And the Award for "Outstanding Performance of a Crazy Person on Facebook" Goes to...

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Think About it, the End is Nigh!

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Never Thought About It That Way

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Do They Also Know I'm a Ravenclaw?

NSA FBI conspiracy failbook g rated - 8382738432
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You're Still on This?

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It's Never Been Real People Before!

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