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Woman Develops Crush on Friend's Boyfriend, Decides to Confess to Her

Bad Friend 101
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Spicy Confessions About the Secrets Companies Don’t Want Us To Know

Start taking notes
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Depop Seller Sparks Jokes and Confusion for Selling "Virtual Catholic Confession"

God doesn't accept PayPal
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Elementary School Teacher Asks Kids To Make Confessions & Their Answers Do Not Disappoint

Spoiler: none of them have ever hidden a body.
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Dungeon Master Confesses They 'Cheat' at D&D, Sparking Mixed Reactions

In such a variable and modular game like Dungeons & Dragons , what does it mean to “cheat?” The notion of cheating might be straightforward in a game like Monopoly, but in D&D it's more of a vibe. One DM turned to r/DnD to confess that they think they've been cheating their players for quite some time. Rather than prepping every detail of the game beforehand, u/gimmemoneez mostly makes up details as they go along. Miraculously, none of the players have seemed to notice. Some fans of the game th…
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Girl Who Recently Went Viral for Having a "Hot Girl" Mugshot, Confesses on TikTok that it was Actually Her Passport Photo

Girl Who Recently Went Viral for Having a "Hot Girl" Mugshot Confesses on TikTok that it was Actually Her Passport Photo

She was so excited to see her photo featured on the infamous @mugshawtyss, but she breaks the hearts of fans when she reveals the truth.
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Target Chat Agent Gets Real With Customer, People Relate

Sucks to be him
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Corporate Slacker Confession Starts Debate On Usefulness Of White Collar Jobs

Sounds like the life.
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Redditor's Confession About Acting Like A Goblin is Comedy Gold

Oddly wholesome
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21 Weird Confessions That'll Make You Feel Slightly Better About Your Own Bizarre Habits

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Straight Ouch

Caption that reads, "Me to my crush: I think I have feelings for you; My crush: ..." above a pic of a shopping center sign that says "Big K"
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Tumblr post where someone from Texas says they've never seen snow before and then a week later it snowed in their town; then they post that they've never had a million dollars either
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12/21/12 Confession Troll

troll confession - 6903523328
Created by Samzinsta

Go Cry Emo Kid: Your Parenting Made Me the Way I Am Today

confession drugs weird kid - 6213537536
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confession girls problems - 4079443712
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