Capitalism at Its Finest

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Past Me Didn't Want Present Me to Get Laid

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I Do My Best, Ma'am

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Brilliant Teacher Finds a Sneaky Way to Teach Kids How to Properly Use Condoms, Because in Mississippi That's Illegal

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Tales From Sex Ed, Courtesy of Tumblr

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Capitalism at Its Finest

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Not Even Norton Can Protect You

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Convincing Advertising

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Always Be Prepared

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Then You Can Go to All Those Latex Parties You've Been Reading About

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An Unexpected Endorsement

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I (Barely) See What You Did There

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Always Remember to Wrap It Up

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Found Ur Condoms Lol

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To All Teenagers Out There

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-0/10, Would Not Use Again

Flavor Name: Variety Size Name: 60 Count Amazon Verified Purchase Half of the variety pack was simply the rainbow condoms, which is great if you want to reenact fight scenes from Star Wars, but not so great in the bedroom. When I saw variety, I was hoping for different textures, not to look like Ronald McDonald with a McBoner. 3 Comments Was this review hel pful
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