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Smash Mouth Retires After TikToker Accidentally Cancels Steve Harwell With Insane Concert Video

He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
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Cute video of a college acapella group performing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' online when their concert was cancelled

College Acapella Group Performs 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' Online After Being Quarantined

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Funny video of a trombone player sneezing into his instrument during a live performance

Guy Sneezes Into His Trombone During Live Performance

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Please Don't

Funny meme about bands who encourage their fans to destroy the venue
Via youandmeandrainbows
Video of Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj attempting to rap during their Coachella performance

Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj's Coachella Fail Is Cringey As Hell

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They Will Be Loved, Maybe

Spongebob meme where a large fish character represents "the entire internet" and a cowering Spongebob represents "Maroon 5"
Via RatherRunWhenYouCantCrawl

Too Old For This

Caption that reads, "When the headliner finally comes on and you're over 35" above a painting of a guy with his hands on his knees looking tired
Via Superpandabus

It's Lit

Funny meme about cotton harvesters
Via Plebsplease

Get Them Scissors Out

Funny meme about concert wristbands being difficult to remove.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Sorry for Your Loss of Youth

web comics old concert Sorry for Your Loss of Youth
Via ubertoolcomic
Music Pokémon pokemon go Video Game Coverage concert rihanna - 125702

Watch Rihanna Warn Her Fans Not to Catch 'Any Pokémon up in This B*tch'

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Whatta F**king Heckler, Right?

Via itsthetie

A Prankster Made Dayton, Ohio Believe Limp Bizkit Was Coming to a Local Gas Station for a Concert

prank limp bizkit concert A Prankster Made Dayton, Ohio Believe Limp Bizkit Was Coming to a Local Gas Station for a Concert
Via @DaytonPolice

Want Two Tickets to a Sold Out Show? You've Got Some Hoops to Jump Through

epic troll seller on gumtree has weird requirements for sold out show tickets
Via Gumtree

Clever Fan Edits a Band's Wikipedia Page to Get Past Security and Hang Out Backstage

guy edits bands wikipedia page to get backstage has beer with peking duk
Via Peking Duk
concerts concert Video trolltube - 74646017

Sneaking Into a Concert is Easy!

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