Step 1: Fix Browser

chrome computer internet explorer - 8343469568
By death_by_rage

Computer Rage: OCD

computer rage ocd - 8342037760
By Unknown

Oh, the Humanity!

computer Okay - 8336133120
By Ruby_Snave

Greatest. Feel. Ever.

computer dat feel sweet jesus warm - 8324947200
By Unknown

New PC

browser computer internet explorer chrome - 8318322432
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Dual Monitors

Challenge Accepted expectations vs reality computer monitor - 8314539264
By Unknown

Windows Auto Update Rage

rage windows meta computer update Okay - 8307815936
By bushidomonk10

Cats, They Love Emoji

computer Cats funny - 8298831872
By Unknown

Listen, Already!

rage tech support virus computer - 8296033280
By Ryouuu

Kitty Just Loves Computer Time

computer Cats - 8288023552
By Unknown

When People Steal the Laptop

pizza me gusta computer - 8286413568
By Unknown

It Would've Been Easier to Deal With an Actual Recycling Bin Mishap

coworkers computer monday thru friday - 8275112704
Via zachalicious

Time to Get a Better PC

rage minecraft computer - 8280766208
By IHaveALotOfTimeOnMyHands

A Creative Way to Goof Off at Work

monday thru friday fly computer g rated - 8273761024
Via TheTwist

Seriously, This is Annoying

crash computer rage - 8274156544
By OmgitsaLOLkitten

Stupid Brothers

brother computer minecraft what have you done password - 8273378048
By Unknown