Fascinating Twitter Thread Sheds Light On Beethoven's Complicated Life

As laypeople, we have the tendency to put brilliant artists on a pedestal, forgetting that they too are human just like us. However, more often than not they face the same sorts of adversities as the rest of us would, and sometimes making it big just comes down to sheer luck.

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven was certainly of no exception, as this fascinating Twitter thread written by classical pianist doodlyroses will explain. It may be long, but trust us when we say that it's completely worth the read.

Interesting Twitter thread about Beethoven's life | tweet by doodlyroses Another thing people overlook they get hung up on deaf-guy-writing-music thing; they see music through an abled lens which deafness is something Beethoven overcame, not something which deafness actually led unique creative decisions!
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