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Weird And Wild Music Notation That Brings The Unexpected

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Mozart You Sly Dog

Funny meme about how Mozart composed a piece just to troll a performer he didn't like | Mozart disliked a performer named adriana so knowing her tendency to drop her chin on low notes and throw back her head on high notes Mozart wrote a song
Via Ramaji7
Interesting Twitter thread about Beethoven's life | tweet by doodlyroses Another thing people overlook they get hung up on deaf-guy-writing-music thing; they see music through an abled lens which deafness is something Beethoven overcame, not something which deafness actually led unique creative decisions!

Fascinating Twitter Thread Sheds Light On Beethoven's Complicated Life

This Twitter thread is long, but completely worth the read!
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Classical Com-poser

classical composer handel Memes Music - 6311116544
Created by BikeMystery
animemes cat composer mario nyan paint Video video games - 20331521

Intertube Records: NyanMario

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actor composer director movies - 2523606784
Created by KrazyKevin10615


adam savage composer mythbusters TV - 2154861824
Created by AllyndNoir


actor al pacino composer Leonard Cohen movies Music musician - 1889069312
Created by sfaraim