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People Share 'Compliments' That Can Actually Be Insults

Watch your back
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15+ Best Memes About Compliments to Get Everyone Blushing

Thank you!
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funny tweet about accepting compliments, hard to accept compliments, funny memes, relatable | do i like being complimented: yes. do i know how to respond to compliments: no. does it make me wish people would never compliment me: yes. do i seek validation nonetheless: yes. do i ever truly believe the compliment: no. do i still need compliments: yes.
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It's A Trap!

"When someone who's normally mean pays you a compliment and you're not sure if you should say thank you or fuck you"
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back handed compliments

People Reveal The Most Brutal Back-Handed Compliments They've Ever Gotten

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A Heartwarming Collection of Quotes and Stories About Compliments That People Never Forgot

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You Better Mean It

compliments special instructions delivery - 6788611584

Tusk Tusk, My Friend...

fat the joker compliments facebook - 8038330368

So Much for Trying to Be Nice!


You Scratch Mine, I'll Scratch Yours

compliments Rage Comics relationships y u no gal - 5121455104
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When People Tell Me I Look Nice

Awkward compliments web comics - 8202380800
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Fishing For Compliments: This Generation's Fishing

compliments facebook Okay computer guy - 8202341632
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It's Nice to Know

puns compliments funny - 7885541888
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Just Who Are You Trying to Impress?

boyfriends relationships compliments dating - 7683161856

This is Bound to Catch a Few

fishing compliments facebook funny - 7573081856

Since You've Been so Nice, Why Don't You Go Ahead and Get In Me?

oh stop it you compliments - 7135963648
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