A Heartwarming Collection of Quotes and Stories About Compliments That People Never Forgot

It's important to remember that it doesn't take a lot of effort to do a bit of good for someone else. We often get so caught up in our own daily struggles that we completely forget that there are other people around us going through the same tumultuous adventure of ups and downs that is this crazy thing called life. Often it doesn't take much to improve someone's day for the better and just brighten things even a little bit. 

Doing a few kind things is even more important during times when hatred and fear looms, for only caring and kindness can overturn those feelings.

But I'm really just paraphrasing becasue, as always, Tolkien wrote it best...

"Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love." -J.R.R Tolkien

These people's stories go to show how far something like a simple compliment can go in someone's life, especially when it's most needed and unexpected. Just little things people did that they still remember and that gave some color to their world. 

person being told they have a beautiful and sincere singing voice
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