Any Second Now, I'm Sure...

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Created by Derp1231234

Do Only the Downvoters Comment?

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Created by TheRealTonyStark

Why, Facebook?

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Comment Removal

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Comments...No Rage?

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Created by thefanofgreen

This Captures Exactly What it is Like in the Comment Section

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Arnold Armstrong

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Created by TestSubjectEpsilon

Come On, Step it Up!

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This is the Saddest Miiverse Comment Ever

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Never Check the Comments

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YouTube Comment Gold

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Created by RennyOfYore

Keep Dreaming, YouTube...

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Comments on the New Youtube Comment Section

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Created by flame965

There Are Two Kinds of Gamers

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Via OggenSpool

Not Even the Comments Are Funny

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Paul Lehrer: Maker of Valid Points

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