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A compilation of reading, literature, and library memes for readers and librarians alike

Reading Memes For Lovers of Libraries

I've always been a huge library head. Before the pandemic, it was one of the only places I could really focus and get lots of schoolwork done. Libraries range in their interiors from static and office building-esque to stunningly gorgeous and Hogwarts adjacent. Luckily for me, I love all libraries whether they're fluorescently lit design messes or dark academia havens that harken back to a time long-since passed. Libraries offer so much more than simply a place for students to study; there are…
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A compilation of memes about literature, reading, books, and the library

Reading Memes For Bookworms Who Can't Put The Book Down

Have you ever been told by your Math teacher to stop reading the book you have hiding under your desk? Don't worry, I have too. There's something so addicting about reading that leads you to neglect all of the other important things in your life. Do you need to clean your room, do your homework, apply for a new job, pay your bills, make new friends, or all of the above? As a reader, you already know that will be impossible with the amount of reading you're likely to do in the coming days. That'…
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Dude Calls Superman An 'Extremely Boring Superhero,' Inspires Debate

Another day, another superhero debate.
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Funny Steve Rogers Going Through history memes, dank memes, CAptain america, Chris Evans, Avengers: endgame, avengers infinity war, marvel cinematic universe, peggy carter, offensive memes.

'Steve Rogers Going Through History' Memes Are Still Spicing Up The Timeline

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Very Bold

Funny tumblr post about stan lee.
Via Anomaly232
Reactions on twitter to stan lee sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations, marvel, marvel comics, comic books, marvel cinematic universe.

Internet Reacts To Reports Of Stan Lee's Sexual Misconduct With Shock And Skepticism

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Collection of funny Superman mustache twitter memes.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...Superman With A Hipster Mustache?

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Silver Surfers New Image

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Created by Unknown

'90s Kids Can Rejoice, Marvel's Bringing Back Your Favorite X-Men Lineup

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If Comic Creators Could See Their Characters Now

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And Dream We Shall

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Created by pornstarsinc

Batman on a Unicorn Totally Looks Like Doom on a Unicorn

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Created by ComicBookGal

George Romero Totally Looks Like Stan Lee

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Created by MaliceDesire


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See all captions Created by xyzpdq1


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Created by mcveyla


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Created by Ubergeek85
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