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Dana Schwarts writes tweet against South Park, angry south park fans troll and roast her on Twitter. | Dana Schwartz @DanaSchwartzzz retrospect seems impossible overstate cultural damage done by SOUTH PARK show portrayed earnestness as only sin and taught mockery is ultimate inoculation against all criticism. SpongeBob Facts spongbob_facts Replying DanaSchwartzzz SPONGEBOB FACT: Wow 's crazy Dana, SpongeBob is about watch some more South Park! He loves show!!

Writer Trolled After Sharing Anti-South Park Tweet

Don't mess with South Park fans.
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Funny Comedy Central video about an annoying guy in the office who always quotes movies

Annoying Movie-Quoting Dude Is A Coworker We *All* Have

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Funny video of comedian Matthew Broussard explaining how college is like a reality TV show

Comedian Hilariously Explains Why College Is Like A Reality TV Show

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Key and Peele comedy central menstruation Video - 72731393

Who Better to Explain Menstruation Than Key & Peele?

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The Taste of Champions

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Key and Peele comedy central nfl super bowl football Video - 68297729

Key & Peele Are Back With a Special Edition of the East/West College Bowl: The East/West Pro Bowl!

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Key and Peele comedy central nfl super bowl football Video - 67986433

Key & Peele Definitely Know How Dumb NFL Pregame Segments Can Be

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South Park Reveals the True Identity of Lorde and Bashes Music Production in the Process

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Sad But True

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That's Why Not, Zoidberg.

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