Ginger Problems

hair ginger color Pie Chart - 7021226752
By SarrieJo

I Wonder Why They Didn't Name It Shades of Gray?

color 50 shades of grey - 7010931456
By Terrum

A Dash of Color

color art paint awesome - 7016599552
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Surprise Rainbow

color car rainbow - 7003856896
By Unknown

Taste the Rainbow

candy color taste the rainbow flavor - 6948592384
By Unknown

The Tan Spectrum of Guinea Pigs

color pets tan cute spectrum - 6905979136
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So Cute, So Dangerous

navy seal double meaning literalism color - 6678553088
By Kraken42

Now it's Not Going to be Redundant at All!

all right gentlemen business color jokes new meme - 6607099648

College Football Time!

college color double meaning football laundry detergent literalism name - 6578672640
By IdahoGeekette

Mind Blown

color mind blown - 6565853184
By Unknown

Couldn't Have Named It Better Myself

color paint santa - 6527144448
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I'm Dying!

blue color green IRL text - 6520057600
By infinityathand


anime color hilarious lost shocked - 4726676480
See all captions By Fortunato5678

The Dark Knight Rises

balloon batman color dark double meaning Hall of Fame knight literalism the dark knight rises - 6420273152
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Horse of the Best Color

color fabulous horse Memes please - 6350190336
By JoshThomas2014

50 Shades of What Now?

book color fifty shades of grey Memes what women - 6287125248
By ThatJoshGuy