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People Swap Horror Stories About the Grossness of Living in College Dorms

Do the dishes, I beg
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A compilation of memes about graduate school

Grad School Memes For Future PhD Recipients

Grad school is one of the craziest things you can willingly subject yourself to. You have to work 16 hours a day on one very specific subject, teach 3 courses, and live off of a $15,000 stipend. Sounds simple enough, right? Grad school is largely different for everyone, but there are certainly different types of postgraduate academics. There are the people who are in it for the long haul, and for the love of the game, aspiring to be academics in school forever. There are those who go into grad…
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30 Disturbingly Relatable Memes For Students Struggling to Survive The First Week of School

30 Disturbingly Relatable Memes For Students Struggling to Survive The First Week of School

We're not equipped
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Reddit thread about a college student whose parents want her to stay home and raise her siblings.

Toxic Mother Tries To Force Daughter To Leave College To Raise Her Siblings

Older daughters are often forced to be third parents for their younger siblings. Many parents have more kids than they can reasonably care for, putting excessive pressure on their older children during their teenage years. Teenagers already go through enough stress, trauma, and anxiety without the element of rearing children. They didn't ask to be parents, yet they are forced to perform that role as if it's their duty. Redditor u/Dangerous-Host9819 is one of those eldest daughters. Her mother e…
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Memes about college and university for the back to school season

College Memes For Back To School Season

Bright college days , oh, carefree days that fly! It's almost time for first-year students to move into their dorms, syllabus week to commence, and the binge drinking to begin. College is such a unique time in your life. For many students, it's the first time they'll be away from their family and maintain a semblance of independence. You are forced to learn how to take care of yourself and not make crazy choices all the time. I learned over the course of my freshman year that I couldn't eat thr…
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stupid answers students had given

College Professors Recall The Most Painfully Dumb Students They've Ever Had

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Funny memes about the Greek system, frats, sororities | row of boys dressed in backward cups, white shirts and shorts: can beat my ass but my daddy will sue outfit. girl in pajamas drinking beer Senior vs freshmen girls at frat parties

12 Fratty Memes That You'll Only Find On Greek Row

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cover image about failing assignments, writing a research paper and it doesn't make sense

14 College Memes To Keep Those Midterm Blues At Bay

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It's All Truly BS

Tweet about how fake college discussion boards are
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Lol Idiot

Caption that reads, "STEM major: What are you learning in school? Kindergartner: Shapes and colors; STEM major: LMAO good luck getting a job with that" above a stock photo of a mom talking to her son
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'I'm Telling FAFSA' Tweets Are Depressingly Relatable To Any College Student

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17 Humorous College Memes To Help You Kick The Year Off Right

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Knew I Should've Actually Studied

"When question 1 is hard AF so you skip to question 2 but question 2 is based on your answer from question 1"
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gay college frat | Shorts -  awkward moment roomie throws his jock at Face and get turned on. Gay Frat boy problems. ns.

15 Gay Men Reveal What It's REALLY Like To Live In A College Frat

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Loudmouths Unite!

Photo of Johnny Cash singing "Hurt" with the caption, "When you confidently shout out an answer in class but it turns out to be wrong"
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Problem Solved!

"Please remove labels from bottles before bringing them into the exam hall" with an image of a vodka bottle
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