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A compilation of memes about engineering for engineers

Engineering Memes For Current and Future Engineers

I've got something important to tell you all: I am not an engineer, and I never will be. For those of you who are disappointed, I'm so sorry. My college major prepared me for writing paragraphs that precede lists of memes. I don't know what to tell you. If you're an engineer who thought that the people in the industry actually forge career-centric memes lists like these, I can't help but question your critical thinking skills—very liberal arts of me, I know. I might not be an engineer, but I do…
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A compilation of memes themed around college and university

Memes For Broke College Kids

“College was the best part of my life” is a sentiment often expressed by weepy alumni. It can be a lot of pressure for college students to have the best time ever because college is supposedly the best part of their lives. I sometimes wonder whether college was the best part of my life, and it's all downhill from there, and I must answer that with a decisive no.
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A compilation of memes about graduate school

Grad School Memes For Future PhD Recipients

Grad school is one of the craziest things you can willingly subject yourself to. You have to work 16 hours a day on one very specific subject, teach 3 courses, and live off of a $15,000 stipend. Sounds simple enough, right? Grad school is largely different for everyone, but there are certainly different types of postgraduate academics. There are the people who are in it for the long haul, and for the love of the game, aspiring to be academics in school forever. There are those who go into grad…
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Memes about college and university for the back to school season

College Memes For Back To School Season

Bright college days , oh, carefree days that fly! It's almost time for first-year students to move into their dorms, syllabus week to commence, and the binge drinking to begin. College is such a unique time in your life. For many students, it's the first time they'll be away from their family and maintain a semblance of independence. You are forced to learn how to take care of yourself and not make crazy choices all the time. I learned over the course of my freshman year that I couldn't eat thr…
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College Student Gets Applauded For Organizing "Hoe Union" To Stay Safe At Parties

She's onto something
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Student Worries About Professor Disbelieving Their Father Dying, Revealing Toxic Culture Around Grief In College

An eye-opener
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Confounding Find In Dorm Shower Cubicle Prompts Hilarious Response

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Student Despairs At Entertaining English Final Presentation

It's succinct
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College Student Entertainingly Parodies Money Influencers With Realistic Two Week Budget

How the other half lives
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Funny memes about college | I snuck out my phone during lecture and immediately received this cue x files theme AirDrop "Professor Donaldson's iPhone" would like share photo quietly l'LL KILL You Decline Accept. Ppl will go library and pull out their laptop, textbook, agenda, multicoloured pens, 2 calculators and large coffee just sit there like this 2 hours fish from spongebob on her phone at a restaurant

College Memes For Students Who Should Be Studying

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Funny memes about student loans

Student Loan Memes For The Graduate Who Will Never Retire

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Finally It's In Words

Tweet that reads, "A guy in class got called on to answer a question and after a short pause he says 'Hang on, I'm not dumb I'm just panicking.' I felt that. The guy next to me felt that. Your mom felt that. The world felt that"
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The Future Is Now

Caption that reads, "Y'all still failing in your exams, while I'm here in 2073" above a pic of someone sitting in class with a bandaid on their hand that has the exam answers written on it
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Aww What A Nice Thief

Tweet about someone's roommate, who got their laptop stolen; thief sent them an email asking if they needed any college note files back from their computer
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This Professor Deserves An Award

Caption that reads, "All set for my meeting with the student that missed more than 30 classes this semester and emailed me to set up an appointment to talk about his grade" above a pic of a professor sitting at a desk with a sign in front that reads, "You don't deserve to pass - change my mind"
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Tweet that reads, "Isn't it wild that the ballots from all 50 states can be counted in one night but my professors can't get my scantron graded for two weeks"
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