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The Best Fresh History Memes We've Seen This Week (8/10/2022)

There are many memes that leave a person with zero questions. Those relatable work memes , anything hyper-topical, parenting memes. They're all pretty self-explanatory. Work sucks, bosses are terrible, parenting leads to lack of sleep, we all know the drill. We'd be remiss to not include that dogs and cats are cute. When the basicness of these memes gets to be dull, or we actually want to use our brains, we turn to history memes. While we're not history dunces, we can hardly pretend to be histo…
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Ukraine-Russia Conflict Memes for People Who Prefer to Laugh In the Midst of Crisis

What do we do in times of international crisis, impending doom, and possibly the threat of world war? Meme about it of course! If you haven't heard, there's trouble brewing (once again) in Eastern Europe as Russia gears up to "perform peacekeeping functions" in the separatist republics of eastern Ukraine . Plebs like us are mostly just confused, but that doesn't mean we can't make dumb jokes and memes about an international crisis whose complex history dates back to the Cold War. If you feel to…
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Funny memes about history | Zeus: god all gods Hades: god underworld Dionysus: cat in sunglasses holding wine and a glass | life goes on, and slowly lose touch with squad Stalin by himself

Solid Mix Of History Memes For People Who Like Learning

History is better with memes!
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Funny memes about history | monkey puppet Common opinion USA ruined Middle-East Britain and France : | invade tiny Finland as sign dominance, and they actually fight back

History Memes For Those Who Like A Side Of Knowledge With Their Entertainment

We think you'll dig these.
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Funny memes about history | Guy who said joke Guy who said same joke but louder Karl Marx Stalin red eyes | Celts: Fight naked intimidate their enemies Romans: joke's op into shit Skeletor

Nineteen Educational History Memes Worth A Scroll

Pump up that brain of yours.
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Funny dank history memes | Americans hearing Orson Welles 'War Worlds' on radio thinking an alien attack imminent @FreskyHistory Oh my god, okay 's happening, everybody stay calm | GERMAN OFFICERS AFTER 1945 were bad, but now Argentines

Fifteen Educational History Memes For The Smarties

Education is best in the form of memes!
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Funny and dank history memes | 4 stages Germany World War II @dankhistory_memes yoda dabbing surrounded by clapping people VIBE CHECK cursed emoji frozen jack from the shining and master oogway | average presidential term lasts 4-8 years but speedrun only 30 days am speed cars lighting mcqueen

Fifteen Historical Memes Because We Could All Use A Little Education

History memes for the scholars!
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Sounds Like Some Boomer Sh*t

Funny tweet that reads, "For someone who didn't start a fire, Billy Joel sure is defensive about it"
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Funny memes about the Balkans/former Yugoslavia

Seventeen Balkan Memes For The Southeastern Slavs

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Funny history memes

Amusing History Memes From Antiquity And Beyond (35 Memes)

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Funny meme that reads, "Me: Eats food; My dog: ..." above an image of Stalin
Via der.schwarze.sachse
33 Cold War Memes Great For Capitalists & Communists Alike

33 Amusing Cold War Memes Great For Capitalists & Communists Alike

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Still of Iron Giant wearing a track suit, who represents "Russia" leaning over boy, who represents "Literally any Eastern European country"
Via Gassyburger
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17 History Memes That'll Take You On A Time Machine Journey

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