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Elon Musk Shares Photo of Bedside Table, Immediately Gets Memed

"There is no excuse for my lack of coasters"
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Nearly everything in the modern world moves at a pace that would kill a medieval peasant girl. The level of productivity has shot up, and it doesn't look like it will dwindle anytime soon. That reality is because we're all conditioned to do things unbelievably quickly. The about of stuff we are expected to do each day is genuinely baffling. We need to shower, make three meals, go to work, do a good job at work, eat three meals, and reflect on your day, which doesn't even mention socializing, le…
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Caterer Gets Roasted For ‘Squid Game’ Style Breakfast Package

So grateful for my morning rations.
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Well That Works

Funny meme that reads, "Nativity scene on a budget" above a pic of a bunch of Coke cans and a pack of Camel cigarettes inside a cardboard box
Via WanderingUterus
Funny meme about double soda pour.

Trending 'Double Soda Pour' Meme Is About Our Most Hypocritical Dualities

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Now You Gonna Get It

Caption that reads, "You came to the wrong fridge, motherf*cker" above a pic of a spilled can of Pepsi surrounded by a bunch of cans of Coke
Via Yourmemeourmeme

Pshh What Friends

Coke can that says 'share a Coke with a friend' with the caption, "Coke out here assuming a lot of shit"
Via KJ714


Funny meme about angry girlfriends and saying calm down, mentos and coca cola.
Via distinguishedbaloney

This Is A Coke House

Funny meme about coke vs pepsi, crumpled pepsi can surrounded by cans of coke.
Via JamesOnReddit169

If I Were a Bartender This Would Be Dangerously Tempting

Via diamonDComedy
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Apparently, Bleach Can, Well, Bleach Coke

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Don't Worry Though, Both Are Terrible for You

Via Whomp Comic

This One Fix Makes Soda Perfectly Healthy for You to Consume

Via Reddit

This Sign Will Get You Business

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Created by Unknown
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