Be Like Bees

Funny meme about how humans are scared of a single bug like a cockroach, but bees will band together against someone hundreds of times their size, to valhalla Patrick in a sweater
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Funny and cringey clip from the movie 'Cats'

Scene In 'Cats' Involves Cringey Dancing Cockroaches

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

funny memes cockroach desk at work
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Cockroach is a Fan of Fun

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Cockroach Defies Physics

cockroach gifs mindwarp physics science wtf - 6307417344
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Her Face is Priceless

cockroach face gifs girl gross lol sports tennis - 5706537472
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A Highbrow Literary Meme, to be read while wearing a monocle.

cockroach Rage Comics - 4352693504
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