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Bitter Old Haters Criticize Hot Grandma For Her Fashion, Youngsters Rush to Her Defense

She's killing it!
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Metal Memes for Dark Souls Who Wear Too Much Black

Black socks– the longer you wear them, the blacker they get
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HOA Resident Proposes Neighborhood Should Enforce a Dress Code to Drive up Property Values

Stepford Wife vibes
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Interfering Mom Demands to Try on Future Daughter in Law's Wedding Dress, Doesn't Understand Why She's Upset

Weird behavior
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'You have to be a real supervillain to defend this company': Influencer Gets Slammed For PR Trip to Shein Factory in China

Nothing to see here
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A Rack of Thrifting Memes Full of Secondhand Goodness

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Funniest Patagonia Memes for Finance Guys and Resident Doctors Who Must Have a Vest for Every Season

Funniest Patagonia Memes for Finance Guys and Resident Doctors Who Must Have a Vest for Every Season

Yup, it's Patagucci
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Dude Gets South African Mom To Roast Him Getting Dressed

So much judgment
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The Best Ironic Remixes of Cringey 'Would You Date Him?' Memes

What started out as a pathetic attempt to sell a cool a e s t h e t i c through memetic marketing has recently become a spicy new starter pack -like meme thanks to @MEASURED_HEAD , who dragged the brand's cringey posts in a tweet. found a thread of "X bf" templates and I'm viscerally disgusted by each and every one of them — 𝚁𝙰𝚈theon Technologies (@MEASURED_HEAD) September 12, 2021 The exploitability of @boogzel_apparel's memes did not go unnoticed. Soon after @MEA…
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Funny article about how men need to wear shorter shorts, twitter, 5" inseam, five inch inseam

The Internet Has Spoken: Men Need To Wear Shorter Shorts

5 inch inseam, here we come
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Interesting Tumblr thread about clothing sizes and how celebrities get their clothes to fit so well | inkdot This weekend told story which, although kind ashamed admit because holy shit is ever obvious, is kind blowing my mind.

Informative Tumblr Thread Explains The BS Of Women's Clothing Sizes

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For Whoever Needs To Hear This

Funny meme about how mens knee length shorts are ugly | Wait men's knee length shorts are ugly? Always have been astronaut pointing gun at another astronaut in space
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Funny meme that reads, "When you enter an Adidas shop and you see your salary written on pair shoes" above a photo of a guy looking shocked
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Wait A Second...

funny meme about rick and morty, morty sitting up in bed, t-shirts, relatable meme, when you suddenly remember a shirt you haven't seen in a while.
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Uh, Mean?

Photo of a shirt tag that reads, "Size XL; try on a small, come on, it'll be funny"
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Funny memes about pockets

Fourteen Oddly Specific Memes About Pockets

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