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Funniest Daylight Savings Memes For Those Perpetually Confused by the Clock

Enjoy the extra sleep
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Literally Every Morning

Pic of a guy looking at a clock that reads "6:00am" above a pic of the guy closing his eyes, above a pic of the guy opening his eyes again and the clock reading "8:20am"
Via doodlydoodledumdum

Don't Hold Your Breath

self esteem clock image - 8990479360
Via pizzaaftersex

What Did You Expect?

clock that sounds naughty villager - 8606828032
Created by Luchabro


caps lock clock literalism - 4287036928
Created by Unknown
alarm clock clock Video - 75874817

Can't Wake Up in the Morning? This Might be the Alarm Clock for You

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What Time You Got?

mindwarp gifs clock - 8516418048
Via Bing

What Time is It? Star Wars Time!

Via TheVinylClocks

You Have to Be a Bit Nerdy to Tell the Time on This Clock

Via LetterThings

Eye Know What Time it Is!

art best of week clock creepy eye wtf - 5186732032
Created by maxystone

When You're Having Fun?

adage clock flies Hall of Fame literalism shape time time flies - 5365404928
Created by Dogzy ( Via FFFfound )


Y U NO time troll face clock table flipping - 8408333312
Created by Awesomedereklopez

Lost Track of Time

time travel clock sleeping - 8402326016
Created by Unknown


all the things clock rage power outage - 8332866816
Created by death_by_rage

Does it Only Work at Night?

batman clock funny - 8322238720
Created by Unknown

Just Read it Like a Clock

WoW idiots clock funny - 8316324352
Created by frank-franklin
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