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Funny fresh tweets from the clever and humorous minds of twitter

Fresh Tweets From the Clever and Crazed Minds of Twitter

It should come as no surprise that Twitter has a lot to offer in the funny content department. Comedy writers and aspiring humorists love to create short, pithy tweets that are full of wit and send them out into the world for us unfunny schmucks to enjoy. The only problem here is that the bird app also happens to be brimming with negativity. The political debates, offensive remarks, and persistent trolls feel omnipresent. Because of this sad fact, w e've gathered some of the more recent and amu…
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Fresh & Funny Tweets From the Clever Minds of Twitter

Ah, Twitter. As a wise user (@maplecocaine) once said, “Each day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.”
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Funny tweets, silly tweets, random tweets, funny tweets | Sophia Benoit @1followerndad Top Movies Boyfriend Wants Watch An Idiot Saves President -Rich Boy Hero 4 -Silent Hero Journey Boy -Fight Fight Fight -Boats | Peter Schultz @pete_schultz relatively successful and busy man who lives city, my greatest fear is losing my girlfriend hometown hunk with young son who teaches her true meaning Christmas

20+ Tantalizing Tweets of Admirable Cleverness

It might not take much to wow our tiny brains, but we think that these two hundred and eighty character tidbits deserve some a whole lot of love. There are without a doubt people that can write a novel and completely fail to execute a tweet with grace and wit. That's because tweeting is a very specific skill that involves packing a lot of bunch into some seriously small parameters. Brevity behooves you in the Twitter-verse. For some prime examples of how to do the Twitter thing right, we've fou…
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A Collection of Clever Tweets Fresh From the Bird App

Twitter is a joke factory
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A Batch of the Best Tweets Recently Twote

Unless something insane is happening in the world, Twitter usually just feels like a machine of tedious and predictable content, always churning out the same stolen jokes, hot takes, bad dating advice, or things that didn't happen. But if you spend some time separating the wheat from the chaff, Twitter doesn't look so bad. That's why we've rescued all the best recent tweets from the dumpster fire that is Twitter dot com. Now you can enjoy the website without even logging on!
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40+ Funny Tweets That Prove Twitter Can Be Good Sometimes

Fresh from the bird app
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20+ Top-Tier Tweets From the Best of Twitter

Twitter's a comedy goldmine
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Funny and clever moments that are technically true | Can see pictures people who have their tv built into wall. Thank 34 250 answers Like Answer Alan Mooney No problem | yoyoslushie 16h 1 Award 14 Reply 11.6k conflictedthrewaway 13h This kid's going places notyouravgredditer •16h are doing on NSFW question then 1 7.5k yoyoslushie 16h S 80 Awards don't go work 23.0k shogi_x 15h ?S3Awards Shit mean, he's definitely got us there. 1 8.6k

Funny & Clever Moments That Are Technically True

They're not wrong.
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20+ Brand New Sentences From Internet Poets

Some people are natural-born word wizards
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40+ Concise Tweets For Short Attention Spans

Clever gems from the bird app
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funny tweets, twitter memes, twitter dump, funny twitter, relatable tweets, random tweets, memes, 2021, clever tweets, funny, lol | thomas @perfectsweeties normalize being naked at laundromat so u can wash ALL ur clothes

54 Amusing Tweets From The Funny Minds Of Twitter

Sometimes Twitter is a straight up comedy factory
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40+ Witticisms & Funny Thoughts From the Best of Twitter

The top tweets recently twote
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Funny tweets about relationships, twitter memes, clever tweets, jokes, relatable

Wise Words & Memes From the Best Of Twitter

You can say a lot with just a couple hundred characters.
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Funny Random Thoughts From The Clever Minds Of Twitter

Only the freshest tweets
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A Bunch of the Best Witty Tweets That Were Recently Twote

Twitter is full of jokes
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scottish twitter, scotland, britain, british twitter, funny tweets, twitter memes, memes, scottish humor, funny, lol, funny scottish tweets, witty, clever tweets | @ciderbams Cannae stop laughing at sheep my dad saw today. Absolute unit | Grace Lynch @gracelynch2114 My wee brother everyone Today cannae really taste anything 14:53 Nevermind forgot put flavouring my noodles

37 Scottish Tweets That Are Pure Dead Brilliant

Hilarious patter from Scottish Twitter
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