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'Bedbugs are throwing a Coachella in her apartment as we speak': Woman Causes Uproar for Claiming Free Couch From NYC Sidewalk

A questionable idea
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Roommate Memes for Shared Living Space Survivors

Bad roommates. It’s almost a right of passage to be stuck with a person you disdain. Whether it’s your first roommate in your dorm or a random dude subleasing a room in your home, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the titular bad roommate. What justifies someone as a bad roommate? Is it general uncleanliness? An unfriendly attitude? Making as much noise as humanly possible throughout the night? Stealing from you? That’s the beauty of it, terrible roommates can express any given number of awful tra…
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Entitled Dude Causes Conflict Complaining About His Cleaner Washing Cast Iron

Just oil it up again
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People Debate The Cleanliness of Washing Meat

Not that kind
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A compilation of funny memes about hospitality and hotels

Hospitality Memes For All the Hardened Hotel Workers

So hospitable
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MrBeast Gets Called Out for Asking Fans to 'Clean Up' Displays of His Chocolate Bars in Walmart

Most normal YouTuber fanbase
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30-Year-Old Babies Refuse to do Dishes, Leaving Disgusting Sink For Other Roommate

It is not hard to be a good roommate. You do your dishes, clean the apartment, avoid being disruptive , and communicate. That's all it takes. Unfortunately, some people cannot execute the most straightforward tenant of being a good roommate, which in my opinion, is doing the dishes. Washing dishes is so easy, and it baffles me that this is one of the most argued-about topics among roommates. On one hand, it makes sense. If your roommate doesn't do their dishes, you will know. The tangible proof…
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Funny Thread Tells Tale Of Airbnb Owner Through the Signs He Leaves At His Property

Don't cross Jonathan
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People Swap Horror Stories About the Grossness of Living in College Dorms

Do the dishes, I beg
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15+ People Rate The Chores They Hate The Most

AKA the full time job on top of a full time job.
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Movie Theater Worker Shows Mess Left Behind At "Spider-Man" Screenings

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Cleaner Services An Entire Apartment, Finds Out It Doesn’t Belong To His Client

All that work for what?
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Come Back Higgins

Funny pic about a lost Roomba named Higgins | LOST ROOMBA His name is "Higgins". s' 35cm / 9cm high / 2.8Kg DOES NOT BITE Roomba app info: Battery: 3% Dust bin: 190% My husband left our bungalow door open and our Roomba escaped !!! We followed his cleaning track for 4 Km down to the beach Where we lost his trail. HIGGINS CAN NOT SWIM !!! Please help us to bring Higgins backl ttT%RMEOFF
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Nothin' To Spark Joy

Funny tweet that reads, "Bet Marie Kondo is wishing she had more shit in her house right about now"
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Funny and WTF advertisements from the mid-twentieth century that were directed primarily at women | vintage ad showing a man in a suit comforting a crying woman in the kitchen holding a burned pan: Don't worry darling didn't burn beer

Women's Vintage Ads That Have Not Aged Well

Won't someone think of the men??
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Real Genius Hours

Funny tweet about dude catfishing his roommate so he'll clean his room
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