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Roommate Memes for Shared Living Space Survivors

Bad roommates. It’s almost a right of passage to be stuck with a person you disdain. Whether it’s your first roommate in your dorm or a random dude subleasing a room in your home, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the titular bad roommate. What justifies someone as a bad roommate? Is it general uncleanliness? An unfriendly attitude? Making as much noise as humanly possible throughout the night? Stealing from you? That’s the beauty of it, terrible roommates can express any given number of awful tra…
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Boss Forces Employees To Deep Clean Office For 8 Hours on a Sunday, Pays in Cash to Avoid Overtime

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People Debate The Cleanliness of Washing Meat

Not that kind
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30-Year-Old Babies Refuse to do Dishes, Leaving Disgusting Sink For Other Roommate

It is not hard to be a good roommate. You do your dishes, clean the apartment, avoid being disruptive , and communicate. That's all it takes. Unfortunately, some people cannot execute the most straightforward tenant of being a good roommate, which in my opinion, is doing the dishes. Washing dishes is so easy, and it baffles me that this is one of the most argued-about topics among roommates. On one hand, it makes sense. If your roommate doesn't do their dishes, you will know. The tangible proof…
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15+ People Rate The Chores They Hate The Most

AKA the full time job on top of a full time job.
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There's Still A Pandemic Going On, After All

Funny meme that reads, "Solid advice" above a photo of buffalo wings and text that reads, "Wash your hands like you just ate buffalo wings and are about to put on a wedding dress"
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Funny memes about cats | cat trap set up my home office worked. No more cats on keyboard, just few swats box while type. cat in a cardboard box | My cats keep pushing each other trash can @sexualising

Seventeen Cat Memes That Had Us Feline Fine

It is litter-ally im-paws-ible to not like these memes.
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Funny cat memes about being quarantined | Self Quarantined, day 6, laughing at my own jokes | Day 7 isolation got fight with my cat @cabbagecatmemes DON'T FUCKING STARE AT CAT MEOWS 1

Quarantined Cat Memes For Your Isolated Entertainment

We're all going a little crazy here.
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Look At Me, So Environmentally Conscious

Funny 3-panel meme about drinking water out of straws to save the earth versus just drinking straight out of a cup with mention about using a $20 metal straw
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Funny and clean work memes.

16 Funny Clean Work Memes To Peruse While You're Supposed To Be Slaving Away

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We All Knew This Feeling

Funny meme about cleaning the entire house when you were younger
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Those Veggies Gettin' So Clean

Tweet that reads, "I love when you're at the grocery store and the veggies are having a shower"
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Freedom From Germs

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A Good Mob

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This Is Why You Should Clean Your Shower Drain

best of week clean shower wrong wtf - 5433780992
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The Quickest Way to Clean Your Room

clean curtains mindwarp gifs - 8462747648
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