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People Discuss What’s Considered ‘Trashy’ if Someone’s Poor, but ‘Classy’ if They’re Rich

We're not always aware of our own internalized double standards, but that doesn't mean they're not there. The way we perceive others is shaped by our learned prejudices whether we like it or not, and society tends to harshly judge its people based on how much money they have. In 2016, @AnaSamways asked Twitter, 'What's considered trashy if you're poor, but classy if you're rich?' The resulting thread kept going viral over the years, presumably because lots of people have something to say about t
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Potato, Potato

Pic of Winnie the Pooh next to text that reads, "Tomato" above a pic of Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh next to text that reads, "Tomato"
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Distract Them With Shoes

shoes fart jokes classy funny - 7604755200
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A Classy Bathroom

wtf classy bathroom funny - 8443604224
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Now That's Classy

classy Party old lady funny - 8202477824
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College Kids Are Learning

kids learning classy funny college - 5762766080
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So Classy

classy bumber sticker - 6943647744
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Stay Classy

photos classy wedding Walmart tacky - 6795520512
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The New York Post is the Classiest

David Petraeus affair puns classy New York Post - 6761134592
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Mitt Romney classy offer - 6727124736
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classy tacky - 6631388160
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What the Romney Campaign Needs Most

all of them classy fancy Mitt Romney mustache - 6632378368
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classy Video zombie - 42639361

Night of the Living Pelosi

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Keep It Classy, Grandma

classy grandma - 6519336704
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Nah, It Was Totally a Fart Joke

classy liam neeson Memes Morgan Freeman - 6481553920
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That's One Classy Necklace

classy cockroaches gross insects wtf - 6450386176
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