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Classical Orchestra Plays Music Festival, Receives Rapturous Response

Going off
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This Multi-Instrumentalist Turns Famous Classical Pieces into Banging Pop Songs That are Going Viral on TikTok

This Multi-Instrumentalist Learns Famous Classical Pieces Then Turns Them into Banging Pop Songs That are Going Viral on TikTok

He learns to play the instruments, sings all the vocal ranges, and then adds some killer beats that turns these ancient pieces into top 40 instant hits.
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Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Nerdy Memes, Music Memes, Niche Memes | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina giving thumbs up with a goat devil My music taste My personality | PIZZACATO cat with a pizza slice around its face

33 Lyrical Memes For Music Nerds

Time to get jazzed up for some memes
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Memes about music | Beginner guitarists after learning play smoke on water roccstar @sixthgutar Meme Man wurds | choir singing lech mich im arse Audience Mozart made with mematic laughing wolves

Thirty Musical Memes With Something For Everyone

Rap, pop, or rock - this gallery has it all.
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Interesting Twitter thread about Beethoven's life | tweet by doodlyroses Another thing people overlook they get hung up on deaf-guy-writing-music thing; they see music through an abled lens which deafness is something Beethoven overcame, not something which deafness actually led unique creative decisions!

Fascinating Twitter Thread Sheds Light On Beethoven's Complicated Life

This Twitter thread is long, but completely worth the read!
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Funny video of a guy teaching you how to fake being good at the piano

Dude Teaches You How To Fake Playing The Piano In This Hilarious Video

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Funny video of a trombone player sneezing into his instrument during a live performance

Guy Sneezes Into His Trombone During Live Performance

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Video of a guy imitating the sounds of several instruments on his guitar

Guy Masterfully Imitates Other Instruments Using Only His Guitar

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Who Writes These Questions...

Caption that reads, "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works" above a pic of a math question that reads, "An orchestra of 120 players takes 40 minutes to play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. How long would it take for 60 players to play the Symphony? Let P be number of players and T the time playing"
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funny classical music memes

17 Classical Music Memes For All The Cultured Minds

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Donate to the Conservatory, Otherwise They'll Go Baroque

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So Punny, You Can't Even Handel It

Beethoven Music puns van handel Bach funny classical music - 7507495168
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The Sub Can't Even Handel Me Right Now

classical classical music double meaning handel homophone homophones Music - 5837354752
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