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Best Stoic Classical Memes That Add Much Value To The Art

Best Stoic Classical Memes That Add Much Value To The Art

The ancient art of not giving a darn.
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Refined Classical Art Memes For the Cultured Souls

Memes both cultured & dank
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20+ Vaguely Historical Memes for Classical Studies Dabblers

Memes with a bit of educational zest
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30+ Spicy Classical Art Memes Full of Crass Humor

There's something hilarious about a highly regarded work of art whose subjects have been totally decontextualized and memed into mere comic book characters. It probably took Jan van Eyck months to complete just one of his naturalistic portraits with all of its painstaking detail. Now, thanks to the internet, Eyck's famous Arnolfini Portrait can double as a relatable meme about getting stoned. Maybe it's the lack of respect that makes it so funny. If you're into classical art memes as much as we
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30+ Funny Art Memes For Cultured Souls

Classical paintings are basically memes
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Funny medieval memes | The Garden of Death dead inside but at least planet's pretty  | king getting stabbed Really, dude? Really?

Medieval Memes From The Bleak Days Of The Middle Ages

That art was something else.
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43 Fine Art Memes Full Of Modern Relatability

Renaissance paintings were basically memes
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I Don't Wanna Know

funny memes, memes, funny, classic art memes | Ever wonder what the fuck went down exactly in the Middle Ages
Via berrygiraffe

An Unlikely Friendship

funny memes, memes, demon, classical art memes | When a demon comes to take your unfit soul but y'all end up having a lot in common
Via LifStarstorm
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38 Epic Memes For People Who Like To Laugh

It's meme time
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Funny classical art memes | Perhaps Judas's biggest crime never understanding personal space | Time traveller year is 2020 Time traveller- Oh 1st year quarantine classicaldamn

Fifteen Classical Art Memes For The Cultured Soul

Behold! Art!
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Saturn, Nooooo!

Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Classical Art Memes | Joe and Hunter Biden Twitter meme Flores Muertas @feraljokes Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? Saturn Devouring His Son
Via @feraljokes
Funny random memes, relatable memes, memes about moms at japanese restaurants, dank memes, funny tweets, adulting, star wars | painting of a queen knighting a kneeling man my mom gracias Japanese waiter Japanese restaurant | Fastest things on Earth Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 431km/h Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 3,530km/h last 5 an Phone battery JR-Maglev 603km/h

Random Memes That Might Make Your Day Suck Less

You deserve them.
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funny tweet about how good shakira looks in her 40s
Via @lidiorojasss


Funny classical art meme with caption that reads, "Queen: come to bed; King: not until I have a name for my soldiers; Queen: k night; King: babe ur a genius"
Via LifeConfessionguy1

Rage Inducing

Funny classical art meme from ancient Egypt that depicts a guy wrangling a lion, that represents getting up and having your headphone cords get caught on something
Via NothingButReactionGifs
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