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33 A+ Teacher Memes for Educators Hanging by a Thread Until Summer

Counting down the days
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33 Top Shelf Memes to Hide From Your Teens

Memes for those of us who are aged to perfection
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32 Middle Class Memes for Witty Workers Feelin' Fancy

Working class memes for your Sunday cookout
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25 Jurassic Park Memes for Dinosaur Devotees

The day I found out that Michael Crichton's “ Jurassic Park ” was an optional reading for a project in my honors biology class was one of the only times the public school science curriculum sent me over the moon. It was later that day that I learned the hard lesson of just how different movie adaptations can be to their source material. I grew up like a lot of children; enamored with the concept of dinosaurs. In the same way that monster trucks appeal to children, the awe-inspiring massiveness…
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Indiana Jones, steven spielberg, film, movies, Classic, movie theater, theater, adventure, Memes, funny memes, Movies and TV, disappointed, Nostalgia, childhood

35+ Hilarious Indiana Jones Memes for Dauntless Adventurers

Say what you will about the fourth and fifth entries in the Indiana Jones series . No, seriously. Say anything you want. Those movies aren't very good and I think Steven Spielberg knows it. The original trilogy, however, consists of three incredible, classic films. That's indisputable Do you remember the first time you ever watched Indiana Jones? When I was around four or five, my uncle thought “Raiders of the Lost Ark” would be a good movie to bond over, so he put it on. Other than the face-me…
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scooby doo, cartoons, cartoon network, classic, Mystery, television, movies, animation, animated series, VHS, Aliens, monster, live action

Scooby Doo Memes for Mystery Enthusiasts

Ruh roh, Scooby-Doo memes
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gen-z millennial millennials boomer gen-x generations boomers catch-phrase feud classic relatable funny videos skits skit lol tiktok norwegian norway

Gen Z vs. Millennial vs. Boomer: Woke TikToker calls out cringey generational feuds that make some ageists draw a line in the sand, hilarity ensues

And as always, Gen X (the forgotten middle child of society) isn't even mentioned
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relatable college college-memes student-memes studying study studious student college-life relatable-memes memes funny ramen graduates grad class teacher teachers test

Relatable Memes for College Graduates Feeling Nostalgic About Their 'Instant Ramen' Years

Wait, we have a test today?
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A compilation of funny memes about classics, greek mythology, ancient philosophers, roman emperors, and more

Classical Studies Memes For All the Former Percy Jackson Kids

I didn't ask to be a half-blood
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Best Weekly Illustration of Classical Art Memes (March 21, 2023)

Best Weekly Illustration of Classical Art Memes (March 20, 2023)

Dark humor inspired by artwork
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chinese spy balloon china spying balloons weather military america american air force missile news classic typical fail

Best Chinese Spy Balloon Memes for the American Military to Shoot Down With a Missile Next

They're definitely going to make a bad action movie out of this next year...
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memes, funny, funny memes, original memes, original, funny, classics, classic memes, twitter thread, funny twitter

People Share the Original Versions of Classic Memes That Are Still the Best

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funny Funny Videos youtube youtube videos David After Dentist classic interview - 107424001

David Reveals What the Dentist Gave Him in the Classic YouTube Video

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Funny classical art memes | Perhaps Judas's biggest crime never understanding personal space | Time traveller year is 2020 Time traveller- Oh 1st year quarantine classicaldamn

Fifteen Classical Art Memes For The Cultured Soul

Behold! Art!
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Funny parody tweets about coronavirus featuring the Center for Disease Control and hit songs | Dave Connelly @DavidConnelly Replying actioncookbook BEATLES: Yeah got something think understand CDC s Covid-19 BEATLES wanna hold hand CDC: Not advisable BEATLES wanna hold hand CDC: No

Fifteen Parody Tweets About Coronavirus Using Classic Hit Songs

Twitter's makin' light of a terrifying situation.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Girls In Class Looking Back" | classroom full of girls all turning to look at the viewer at the back of the room fat thor from avengers endgame: So class today's topic is about depression | 's 1999 and show up class with frosted tips new Limp Bizkit CD Korn tee, and brand spankin' JNCOS did al limp bizkit memes

Thirteen Flirtatious Dank Memes About 'Girls In Class Looking Back'

This meme is giving us "Girl Bites Lip" vibes.
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