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Article about Clark Kent lookalike spotted at January 6th Hearings that people are thirsting over.

Clark Kent Lookalike At January 6th Hearing Sparks Thrist Tweets

Have y'all ever realized that politics can be kind of boring? That's why we're so lucky to have memes to spice current events up with wacky main characters. People who aren't on social media miss out on the fun side of politics facilitated by memes. While the events of January 6th were crazy and memeable in their own right, a new meme man has emerged from the hearings of the storming of the Capitol, and that meme's name is Clark Kent .
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Photo of Zooey Deschanel with and without bangs and glasses
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Superhero Doxxing

Batman writing on a brick wall, "Superman is Clark Kent"
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Shots Fired

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Clark Kent Really Could've Used That Telephone Booth Changing Room

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Superman Skips His Way to Victory

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How It Could've Gone Down

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Did You Just Burp? Rude.

web comics superman clark kent Did You Just Burp? Rude.
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What It's Like at The Daily Planet

Clark Kent sad but true superman web comics - 8481645056
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Whoa, He's a Whole Different Person

Clark Kent funny superman wtf - 8167496448

Not Gonna Happen, Dude

Clark Kent bad idea futile funny - 8148923648
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He Looks Familiar, I Just Can't Put My Finger on It

Clark Kent idiots funny superman - 7719968768

I Don't See No Superman

wtf Clark Kent superman - 6958713856

Young Clark Kent Still Liked to Wear Suits

costume Clark Kent kid superman - 7022475008

Stay Away From Clark's Glasses Superman!

Clark Kent glasses hipster mainstream superman the internets - 4655166976
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Oh Jimmy...

Clark Kent dating jk puns superman - 4504824832
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