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The Best Disney Memes of the Week (January 7, 2023)

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Creepypastas. Many of the most famous creepypastas originated on the Something Awful forum, where people would share their craziest “true” horror stories. People tried their hardest to create the most believable and terrifying scary stories, usually starring their own original monster. The most recognizable Creepypasta protagonists include Slenderman and Jeff The Killer, but one of my favorite Creepypastas was called 'Abandoned By Disney .' In 'Abandoned By…
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A compilation of memes about Disney movies and Disney theme parks

The Best Disney Memes of the Week (December 3, 2022)

Do any of you all remember the Peter Pandom ; the massive group of Tumblr fangirls who were obsessed with the actors who played Peter Pan at Disneyland? It was one of those phenomena that, upon reflection, feels like something I hallucinated when I had the swine flu. Do y'all remember the swine flu? Those were the days. Anyways, the fandom relied on teens who would go to Disneyland for the expressed purpose of telling Peter Pan all about their mental health issues. These fangirls would film the…
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Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

OMW to Blockbuster
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TikToker Goes Viral for Hilariously Voicing Over Scenes from Disney's Classic 'Cinderella'

TikToker Goes Viral for Hilariously Voicing Over Scenes from Disney's Classic 'Cinderella'

They're taking this wholesome vintage Disney classic and turning the characters into R rated trash talkers that TikTok absolutely loves.
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breakup memes, dumping memes, relationship memes | Person -  see replacement and realize they've downgraded ante pa atuxting W Ceelebs | Person -  end things properly Couples costume idea us Those two don't go together Neither do Eric Good bye Wtf @MasiPopal

Breakup Memes For The Newly Single

Good riddance.
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Twitter roasts James Corden over Amazon Studios Flash MOb in Los Angeles with Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel

Everyone's Roasting James Corden For Gyrating in Cringey Amazon Flash Mob

The flash mob nobody asked for.
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Funny illustrations, Disney princesses

Disney Princesses Look Much More, Um, Realistic In These Hilarious Illustrations

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hilarious cartoon logic pics

31 Hilariously Enlightening Memes That Demonstrate How Absurd Cartoon Logic Is

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disney princesses as potatoes

Disney Princesses Reborn As Potatoes Are Stupid But Funny AF

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magical disney memes

29 Magical Disney Memes To Help You Relive Your Pure Childhood

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She's a Modern Day Cinderella

web comic cinderella dating She's a Modern Day Cinderella
Via thepigeongazette

There Are Some Things You Shouldn't Share

cinderella web comics There Are Some Things You Shouldn't Share
Via fluffymustache

What If Cinderella Took Place Now?

Via Berkeley Mews
disney cinderella movies honest trailers Video - 69329409

This Honest Trailer for Cinderella Has Been 75 Years in the Making

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I Don't Think Cinderella's Prince Ever Drove the Pumpkin

cinderella funny - 8382253312
Created by Unknown

A Different Ending to Cinderella

fashion prince charming cinderella web comics - 8328055040
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