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20+ Funniest Drunk Cigarette Tweets for Guilty Vice Havers Who Can Still Smell Last Night

Smoking is bad
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Dude Fired For 'Time Theft' After Taking Two Smoke Breaks Per 12-Hour Shift

Surely they can afford two smoke breaks
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Meme of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker draggin on a cigarette with the implied Caption of "you wouldn't get it" but the catchphrase is in Korean and the top caption jokes about how mom wants to know how I can get the Korean sub-titles of the pirated movie that is in Korean
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Funny tweets in response to video of cockrach smoking cigarette in new york city.

NYC's 'Cigarette Roach' Is Lighting Up Twitter

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Video of dude lighting cigarette while being held at gunpoint.

Dude Shows Next-Level Badassery By Lighting Cigarette While Being Held At Gunpoint

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Absolute Genius Marketing

Funny tweet from Marlboro stating that every cigarette you smoke will take off some of the student debt you owe
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Sh*t Was So Cool Back In The Day

Caption that reads, "Fifth graders when someone acts like they're smoking a cigarette by exhaling in the cold" above a pic of a guy laughing hysterically
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Weird Flex But Okay

Tweet that reads, "Do you ever just flex on your peers by not having a nicotine addition?"
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Hot Take

Funny meme about smoking being good for the environment because it kills humans
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Funny meme, dark humor, smoking, lighter, funeral home.
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Funny meme about an absent dad costume with cigarettes.
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Asking The Hard Questions

Funny meme about how fish would smoke cigarettes.
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Funny meme of a statue that looks like it is saying no to a cigarette.
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sad cigarettes photoshops

This Photoshop Battle of Giant, Unhappy Cigarettes Will Definitely Cheer You Up

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twitter list cigarettes Memes - 905221

The "I Haven't Heard That Name in Years" Meme Is One Part Film Noir and One Part Animals With Cigarettes

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Economically Efficient Student Loan Debt Gameplan

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