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Cruel Deacon Makes Bride Cry On Her Wedding Day, Valiant Groom Gets Him Fired

Weddings are stressful enough as it is. Hundreds of hours of planning and thousands of dollars go into this one day, and if you're the bride or the groom, you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately, wedding venues are not perfect, especially churches. If you want a church wedding, you'll likely have to put a lot of time and effort into schmoozing the church for them even to consider you eligible for a wedding in their fine institution. If you can get past that point of gatekeeping, you have to ta…
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20+ Ungodly Funny Memes for Snarky Christians Who Go to Church Hungover Sometimes

Jesus gets us
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Funniest Non-Denominational Memes for Sassy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

The Biblically accurate Larry the Cucumber haunts my dreams
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Texan Mega Church Gets Roasted for Elaborate Christmas Service

Why are they flying?
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Funniest Memes for Edgy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

Funniest Memes for Edgy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

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Dude Lends Kid Cousin His Phone at Church, Leading to Hilarious Results

What on earth
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Funny memes about christianity, dank memes, lol, random memes, jesus christ, scripture, the bible, moses, adam and eve

Spicy Christian Memes For Believers & Blasphemers Alike

No disrespect.
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twitter, funny tweets, louisville, kentucky, speedrun, bathtub, church, mystery, cursed images | house Of 1000 Christies 8800 blue lick road is one of the most mind-altering and immersive horror experiences ever. like i havent read house of leaves but this is my house of leaves

3D Tour Of Cursed Louisville Home Is Twitter's New Favorite Horror Game

8800 Blue Lick Road is no ordinary house for sale
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None Of That Filth

Funny meme that reads, "'No tattoos thanks, my body is a temple;' Temples:" above a photo of the murals in the Sistine Chapel
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Funny dank christian memes, funny christian tweets, church, the bible | jules @cowboycasanovo can noooooot stop thinking about this photo my uncle shared on FB with 100% unironic intent Will Heal Philippines wan rand whole WORLD AMEN | God confronting Cain re tryin pull Nothin made with mematic Toy Story Woody holding dismembered arm

Christian Memes For Your Day Of Worship

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Excellent Question

Funny meme where Jesus asks Mary where babies come from and Joseph replies, "Yeah Mary, where DO babies come from?"
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Funny memes about Easter, Christianity, and Jesus | Jesus: resurrects dead Romans weren't supposed do Trump | Patrick in a sweater Jesus on third day must've been like: Dad. come pick up scared

Fourteen Easter Memes Perfect For Praisin' The Lord

Happy Easter!
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Pretty Sure That's A Sin

Funny tweet about taking wine at communion | me sips wine oh yes i like it i'll have a bottle of that priest ma'am that's not how it works please go back to your pew
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Come Back God

Funny meme where Jim Carrey says, "Wait, are you going on vacation? Does God even have vacations?" above a still of Morgan Freeman as God saying, "Ever heard of January 2020"
Via memeRB01
Funny video of Kanye West falling off a horse at his Sunday Service

Video Of Kanye Falling Off A Horse At Sunday Service Is Excellent Schadenfreude

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Funny dank memes and tweets about the restored Ghent Altarpiece lamb restoration | tweet by GoingMedieval Therapist uncovered face Lamb God Ghent Altarpiece isn't real can't hurt uncovered face Lamb God Ghent Altarpiece. derek zoolander blue steel

Sixteen Reaction Memes Inspired By The Restoration Of The Ghent Altarpiece Lamb

Its lips are so...big.
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