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Funny twitter thread from Canadian Mohammad Hussein celebrating Christmas for the first time, lol, funny tweets, Justin Trudeau reply | Hussain Growing up, my Muslim family never celebrated Christmas. This year I arm not going home, because pandemic so my rwnmates are teaching me how to have my first proper Christmas. I am approaching this with anthropological precision. Here are a few observations. Observation I: Christmas is a part time job that you have from mid- November to the end of

Thread: 'Christmas Virgin' Shares Funny Outsider Observations About The Holiday

Well, he's not wrong.
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Funny Christmas tweets | tweet by BoogTweets Imagine finding lists with kids names and addresses some old guys house titled naughty and nice and not calling cops

24 Clever Christmas Tweets That'll Fill You With Holiday Cheer

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funny tweet about how home alone falls into the die hard category of christmas movies, twitter. the three types of Christmas movies: 1 movies about santa 2 people being changed by the Christmas spirits 3 die hard. home alone falls under the third category
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It's an action movie.


Funny tweet about all i want for christmas is you.
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Funny meme about Mrs. Claus dumping Santa for being away from her on christmas.
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