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Funny Twitter thread about a dad who thought of a clever way to give his kids cash for Christmas | tweet by TwoClawsMedia None kids wanted toys Christmas this year, they just wanted cash. Understandable, but cash as gift, while practical, always feels impersonal, so made special packaging. Went over well

Dad Comes Up With Clever Method For Gifting Kids Cash For Christmas

Don't underestimate the power of a dad and a little creativity!
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Devious Thread Mulls Over The Worst $100 Christmas Gift To Buy

Evil genius
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Women Put Their Foot Down Over Disappointing Gift Idea

So thoughtful...
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funny tweets, twitter memes, christmas gifts, christmas | Ileana @heyileana This years Christmas gift from my brother empty box with a printed Spongebob Imagination meme at the bottom
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40 Delicious Meme-Treats To Satisfy Your Cravings

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Aww, You Shouldn't Have!

Caption that reads, "When you get them something you really wanted for yourself" above a pic of nicolas Cage surprising a woman with the Declaration of Independence
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Do You Want to Make a Stir Fry?

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We'll Leave You to Figure It Out

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Does Conservation Mean Nothing to You, Bro?

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Gee, Thanks Mom!

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It's Simple Logic, Really

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By Heisen101

The Search is On

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A Sagan Christmas

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Every Year

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By pikimaki

What I Imagine When I Hear the Song

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They Come Doctor Recommended!

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