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Christmas Day Memes To Open Up on Christmas Morning

Oh boy! A present!
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20+ Christmas Eve Memes Hung By The Chimney With Care

One more sleep til Christmas
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'Camels and zebras in a building is crazy': Texan megachurch gets roasted for it's borderline sacrilegious Christmas production

LED lights for the lord
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Commenters Roast Goofy Updated Lyrics to "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Baby it's 2023 out there
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People Discuss Their Least Favorite Music Genres

Don't say rap and country
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Funny memes about Mariah Carey All I want for christmas

'So it begins': Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas is You' is back, and so are the memes

Every year, without fail, it happens. Sometimes it's after Halloween , but the phenomenon follows Thanksgiving more predictably. We're not talking about Black Friday or Cyber Monday and we're not talking about the weight we gain from Halloween candy or our Thanksgiving feasts and leftovers. We're talking about the sudden burst of radio and streaming air time devoted to Mariah Carey's “All I Want For Christmas is You.”
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Grinchy Relatable Memes for People Who Are Absolutely NOT Ready for the Holiday Season

Grinchy Relatable Memes for People Who Are Absolutely NOT Ready for the Holiday Season

Halloween was 9 minutes ago, can everyone just chill?! I'm looking at you, Walmart
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Enough Is Enough

funny memes, memes, christmas memes, christmas music | creepy fountain of a woman crying blood Stop being dramatic, it's just Christmas music.
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Here We Go Again

Funny meme about mariah carey, dank memes, lord of the rings, lord of the rings memes, stupid memes
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Thirty Tasty Memes For When You Need A Break

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Assorted Memes That Just Might Make You Smile

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Deck The Halls

Tweet that reads, "Don we now our gay apparel" below a row of Christmas stockings spelled out as "LGBT"
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It's Here

Funny meme about mariah carey all i want for christmas.
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He's Almost Ready!

Tweet that reads "It's finally October, that means Michael Buble is defrosting as we speak"
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Funny video about christmas songs without christmas.

Hot Dad Is Here To Help Us Enjoy Christmas Songs All Year Long

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Getting Ready to Fart on All Your Presents

funny memes michael buble christmas is coming
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