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Odd Vintage Christmas Cards That Put Some WTF Into Festivities

Happy holidays
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twitter thread about how christmas cards were really weird in the 1800s | tweet by RabbitThoughts cheap postage stamps came out 1800s suddenly people could send Christmas Cards. Since medium new visual language didn't really exist yet. Their symbolism is all over map and 's fantastic MerryChristmas #History #VisualArt. half man half turnip in a top hat.

Twitter Thread Explains The Weirdness Of Vintage Christmas Cards

Some of them were seriously creepy.
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Simon Knows How to Make It Really Heartfelt

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Try to Top This Christmas Card (Protip: You Can't)

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All of You Are Disgusting

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Do Not Fail Me

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Making a Christmas Card This Season? Great! Here's Your Competition...

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When Your Wife Wants to Send Out a Family Christmas Card...

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When Your Family Bothers You Constantly to Send Out Christmas Cards, This is What You Do...

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