Who Knows What Kind of Prizes Await You!

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Created by master_yoga

When Did I Do That?

chores f yeah Rage Comics - 6368211968

Forever a Line

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"Ungrateful Brat" Really Sums Up Your Formative Years

chores dad facebook taylor swift - 5849732352

I'm Never Trusting Mother Again

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Does it make her too young too?

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Created by Collinc2343

Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay?

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My Mom Knows Nothing!

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Stolen Initiative

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Created by thefallen746

Foul Bachelor Frog's Guide to Life

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Created by ZycoDigital

My Toes Need Toning

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Created by MyNamezTrl

What Choice Do I Have?

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Created by SirAbraxas

I Did Them Ages Ago!

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This Is Not Your Bachelor Pad, Boo

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It Could Still Happen

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FINISH Your Chores

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