Har Har Har

Chart depicting gold, fool's gold and comedy gold, which is represented as "Holding the door open for a guy and saying 'Ladies first'"
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I Was Just Trying to be Chivalrous

funny memes acting like a gentleman
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It's Just a Flesh Wound!

chivalry videos Gravity - 58952449

Playing Chivalry in Low Gravity Mode is Highly Amusing

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For Girls Who Want Chivalry

chivalry video games - 7866877440
By Allegedman

Where Did All the Good Guys Go?

sexism chivalry relationships funny dating - 7365323264
By Los_Torta

Let's Blame the Easy Thing lolz

chivalry violence video games logic - 7384062720
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There Are Other Recent Games, Too...

chivalry PC Memes great game - 6814140160

No Miss, YOU'RE so Nice

chivalry gentlemen oh stop it you - 6291666432
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Rage Comics: I Was Just Trying to Be Polite!

chivalry door polite Rage Comics - 6478610432
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Rage Comics: Chivalry Needs to Die

chivalry fu guy groceries Rage Comics scumbag hat - 6372457728
By ja_fail

Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?

bus chivalry ladies sir Rage Comics true story - 5138493696
By Unknown

If You're Married, You're Dead to Me

bus chivalry f that married Rage Comics - 5076176128
By DumFuk

The Shadow Stalker: Better Pee in Your Bed

bed bedroom chivalry darkness knights lisa night pee piss running sleeping stains stalker The Shadowlurker urine - 5001451264
By don_walter (Via

Take It as a Compliment

chivalry gym Rage Comics - 4962842368
By Unknown

She Just Knows What She Likes

chivalry manners Rage Comics - 4826241024
By hornbill-guy
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