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Funny quarantine parody of Richard Scarry's what do people do all day by steph plant | Richard Scarry's DO PEOPLE DO ALL DAY? Quarantine Edition POST OFFICE Getting intoxicated

Genius Mom Creates Quarantine Parody Of Classic Kids Book

We love this.
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Funny meme about no contact delivery using a page from a children's book. | doing a no-contact grocery pick up Drop the cheese to me, you ugly old bird
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16 Hilarious Amazon Reviews That Are Way Better Than The Actual Products

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It's Honestly A Problem Every Single Day

Pic from a children's book of two toads eating, with the text, "We must stop eating!" cried Toad as he ate another
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The Firefly is Just Going Out for Milk, Honey

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Remember to Always Aim for the Head

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If Only You Had Read This

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It's Pretty Obvious

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