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Elaborate Childhood Lie Inspires Hilarious Thread of People's Most Ridiculous Fibs

While it's true that lying is generally bad, it's also true that some lies are so inane, so ridiculous, and so detailed, that the entertainment factor pretty much absolves the fibber of sin. When I was a kid I would write personal essays that were filled with lies so obvious (No, I never actually worked at a tiger preserve in China) that it's a miracle I got all As. Perhaps my teachers admired my creativity, or gave me points simply because they had something entertaining to read in the teacher…
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TikTokers are Confessing the Terrible Thing they Did as a Child that They Now Regret

TikTokers are Confessing the Terrible Thing they Did as a Child that They Now Regret

Is adulthood feeling remorse?
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Supremely Screwed-Up Stories From Sleepovers

As a kid with super-strict parents, sleepovers were absolutely necessary for me to catch a glimpse at how normal households worked - a chance to enjoy the privileges that other kids had. Eating junk food was a luxury for me, and all my friends parents seemed to fill their cabinets with food my mother would call garbage. Pop tarts. “Sugar cereal.” I was besotted with frozen pizzas and french fries. Of course, sleepovers were also an opportunity to get into trouble. My friends either didn't have…
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Thread About Dissecting Owl Pellets Unlocks Childhood Science Class Memories

I remember dissecting my owl pellet like it was yesterday. I was in 4th grade and I was sick at home with the chickenpox. I'd been really looking forward the owl pellet project and so when I caught my little sister's infection, I was super bummed out. My best friend at the time was nice enough to offer bringing a pellet and tools to my house so that I could do mine at home. My mom was reluctant at first, but she gave in. It was for science, after all. Feverish and covered in bright red pox, I j…
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11+ People Share Silly & Stupid Stories of Getting in Trouble at School

Getting in trouble is usually a normal part of growing up. Sometimes kids get in trouble for mouthing off in school. Calling a teacher fat, pulling a prank in class, or simply distracting everyone else until whoever's in charge absolutely loses it. Sometimes, kids get in trouble for their actions at home. This is more common with strict families , like my own. When I was in high school my mother wouldn't allow me a key, or to see friends after school. It led to me sneaking out at night, and whe…
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15+ Weird, Funny And F’d Up Childhood Journal Entries

Deeply strange.
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Funny & Wholesome Times Kids Tried To Use The Internet

Kids commenting on YouTube = comedy gold
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20+ of the Best Coming of Age Movies Ever

Everyone has to grow up. It's one of the few experiences we all share, no matter where we're from or how our backgrounds might differ. It's no wonder some of the most beloved films of all time are coming-of-age stories that deeply resonate with youth and wistful adults alike. The 400 Blows came out in 1959, and yet it's still a timeless window into childhood that's no less relevant today. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is about as aesthetically 80s as it gets, but the desire to ditch school for a day…
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Tweets about what kids used to think meant people were rich, wealth, funny, childhood | connectpoliticditto @cpoliticditto My wife grew up thinking having water/ice dispensers FRIDGE DOOR life goal grew up thinking if had basketball hoop with clear/ plexiglass backboard were rich are some things thought were indicators wealth were kid? | Le Ah @lfonten2 Replying cpoliticditto grew up San Diego military housing (old small townhouses) so thought having house with California roof meant were rich dr

23 People Share What They Once Thought Were Indicators Of Wealth

All. The. Cereal.
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Dubious Claim About Childhood Reading Habits Has People Raising Eyebrows

One of the benefits of getting older is that you gain some perspective on life and many of the things that have happened to you in the past. This isn’t always an easy thing to do, but it’s an important part of becoming an adult . That being said, it can be possible to take the whole process a little too seriously. Not every childhood memory is an unexplored trauma, even if some parts of social media can try to make it feel that way. This was a criticism faced by Twitter user @jeannakadlec , whe…
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Wholesome twitter thread about the perks of parents jobs while growing up, childhood

Nostalgic Twitter Users Reminisce About The Perks & Pitfalls Of Their Parents Jobs

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26 Devious Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids That We Can All Relate To | Ashley @TheScoop27 Follow Rolled dice at 7yrs age ate some Skittles finally found out NOT deathly allergic candy. THOSE BASTARDS | Beware Dogma @ellelljaytoo Follow #LiesYourParentsToldYou COURSE DONT HAVE FAVORITE love both equally.

26 Devious Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids

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Buckets Of Memes For Bored People

It's all for you.
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What Happened??

Funny meme about how when you were young things were simple, had interests, hobbies, goals, but when you're an adult you have a hard time getting out of bed, swole doge, cheems
Via u/Puzzleheaded-Job9031


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47 Mediocre Memes For People Who Just Want To Waste Time

We see you.
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