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Mom Gets Slammed For Creepy Rant Over Son's Girlfriend

Not OK
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Kid Gets Trampled By Queen’s Guard, Sparks Debate Over Who Is To Blame

It's been controversial
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Child’s Ominous Drawing Becomes The Toast Of Twitter

Very abstract
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Grandma Disses Son’s Childhood Bully After Finding Him On Facebook

Moms never forget.
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Chess Prodigy Meets His Match, Reacts In A Painfully Relatable Way

Me too, kid.
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Woman Not 100% Convinced She Exists Following TikTok Filter Mishap

How hard can it be to find a face?
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This Is How We Watch TV

if i ever have a child
Via onlytwitterpics

What time I plan to get up vs. What time my 3-year-old son wakes up

Bar Graph child morning parents school sleep wake up - 2599784704
By jksterup

Call of The Wild

art child man painting wtf - 4019282688
By Unknown

This May Say Something About Our Maturity Levels

child kid Pie Chart - 5928347392
By jurlol12

Oh God, Make it Stop

child eww funny - 8216933120
By Unknown

She's Just Cruel

Pokémon child nurse video games funny - 8012723712
By Unknown

A Symbol Speaks a Thousand Words

priest horrible wtf child funny - 7543233280
By Unknown

Your Baby Will Be MINE

baby child mine - 7252555520
By megina

This Kid Has the World at His Feet

world child toy feet idiom model globe literalism - 7066616064
Via Reddit

That Child is Terrifying

wtf child Terrifying creepy - 7021035776
By rfarrarify
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