Funny memes for chefs and line cooks

Funny Memes For Exhausted Chefs or Anyone Who Works in a Kitchen

Ever since celebrity chefs became a thing, and probably even before that, chefs have been both negatively stereotyped and glamorized. And while it's true that many chefs have quick tempers, foul mouths, and arrogant demeanors, we have to point out that there are chefs out there who are different. Chefs that nurture a team and highlight the people who help their ship run smoothly. Yes, we're talking about prep cooks and dishwashers. As for the glamorization, most chefs aren't living the high lif…
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A compilation of food images that are both gross and deeply compelling.

Disgusting Foods From Disturbed Culinary Minds

The 1950s was the golden age of the Jell-O mold . Homemakers regularly put their leftover fruits, vegetables, and even cheeses into a monstrosity of gelatin. This culinary trend sparks a lot of unanswered questions. What secrets were they hiding in there? Who decided this was a good idea? Was Jell-O the symbol of the repressed female rage that lived inside every 1950s housewife? Throughout the past few decades, foods have gotten even crazier than lime Jell-O with cottage cheese. With newfangled…
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Painfully Relatable Memes For People in the Restaurant Industry

The underbelly of working in the restaurant industry has gained a lot of attention since FX dropped their latest smash hit The Bear. The single-camera dramedy has both critics and viewers raving. Let's just say that awards season will be featuring a lot of “chef speak”. But the kitchen slang that has become so popular is only one facet of chaotic restaurant life and the jobs that make the whole operation happen. The reality is a lot less sexy than Jeremy Allen White The reality of working both…
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Funny tweets about The Bear and Jeremy Allen White

Funny & Thirsty Tweets About FX's 'The Bear'

For the last month or so it's felt like everyone has been talking about FX's The Bear - and now those same people are rejoicing at news that it's been picked up for a second season. The single-camera dramedy seems to have won viewers over with its realistic portrayal of kitchen life, winning characters, and apparently the unanimous thirst for the show's star, Jeremy Allen White. As someone who spent quite a bit of time in restaurant kitchens, I can agree that the portrayal is on-point, save the…
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Twitter reacts to news that salt Bae Nusret Gokce pays his chefs a very low wage, London, wtf, fail

Salt Bae Called Out For Paying Chefs Shamefully Low Wages

This is just plain wrong.
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Gordon Ramsay roasts cooking TikToks, funny, lol, fail

Gordon Ramsay Roasts Heinous Food Creations On TikTok

Oh, the humanity!
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Funny and annoying comments from condescending food snobs, reddit, twitter, snobbery, cuisine, cooking

Condescending People Who Took Food Snobbery To The Next Level

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jamie oliver gordon ramsay chefs Video - 70700545

Legendary Chef (and Mentor of Gordon Ramsay) Marco Pierre White Joins Ramsay and Jamie Oliver in the Derpy Cooking Saga

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Anyone Can Cook

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