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Woman Refuses To Tip Server, Faces Immediate Backlash

No one wins here
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Well, They Weren't Wrong

Sign that reads, "Please check if you flushed, thank you!" People wrote check marks all over it
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check hilarious lady bags seems legit - 5391106560
By chentenator

More Than My Dad Got

dad money fathers day funny check - 8226067968
By Unknown

There's Always That Guy

credit card debit card paying funny check - 7447227392
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This is the Kind of IT Issue You Deal With Every Day in Europe

variations on a theme conversation czech facebook homophone check - 7021756416
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hurt prostate soccer check - 4377441024
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To-Do List

studying twitter school finals youtube facebook test to-do list college check - 6868703744
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forgiveness 007 check - 6750887168
By fareon

Shouldn'tve Had the Bamboo for Dessert

gifs panda dessert sneeze check receipt - 6682225408
By cabowabo155

Well What Do Pediatricians Know?

baby check Memes STD - 6182319872
By jgrantmmi

How to Fix a Check Engine Light

check Hall of Fame off on opposites similar sounding Star Trek TLL - 6123901952
By ACEN842

I Heard You Loud and Clear, Actually!

check double meaning literalism misheard pattern - 6019737856
By _AfterDarkness_

One Does Not Simply Not Check Memebase

check day memebase one does not simply - 5782728192
By haolabanala

Never Gonna Pay Your Wage

check IRL keyboard rick roll - 5764605440
By Unknown

It's a Thai!

check czech double meaning finnish Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism race racing russian tie - 5597011456
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