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Cheaters Share The Reasons They Cheated On Their Partners

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People Share The Craziest Ways They Discovered Their Partners Were Cheating

Did you know that the show Cheaters aired until 2021? Imagine actively watching Cheaters in the 2020s. It's so etched in my brain as one of those relics of early 2000s television, where ethically dubious stars like Chris Hansen thrived. It's fun to catch bad people and expose them for their crimes, so it's no wonder shows of that format were successful. I don't think Cheaters blurred as many lines between the police and reality TV as shows like Cops or the infamous To Catch a Predator . While t…
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Annoying Childhood Friend: Hide & Cheat

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Wait a Sec Patrick, Are U Trying to Cheat Me Again?

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Reframe: He Ruins Everything

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Happy Birthday, Honey

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