Screen caps of entitled people and choosy beggars, social media, cheapskates.

Insufferable Entitled Losers & Choosy Beggars

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Choosy beggars, choosy beggars on social media, cringe | So guy bought drink last night and gave him my number and Chlo Matt is officially retiring nights out 02-UK 11:42 91% Danny Atik IMessage Today 11:35 Hey who's this?x Aha met atik last night x O ye dennim dress?x 's one x Delivered Nice one could transfer those drinks bought last nite since didn't go home togeva wasn't really worth my time lol x | Dating 1100 month Rent $300 My nails 100 My hair-$100 Take shopping AT LEAST 300 Utilities 20

20+ Entitled People Who Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

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entitled person tries to tell knitter that theyre unreasonable for charging less than two dollars an hour for their time, flight instructor | insane charging way too much want wool blanket is essentially queen size made wool want complex stitch works up extremely slowly blanket as large as are requesting such

Choosy Beggar Thinks Knitter Deserves Less Than $2 An Hour For Labor

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Text conversations with cheap people | can cashapp 200 real quick where mamas? San Diego Jobs, Employment San Diego, CA Jobs

27 Entitled Cheapskates That Need To Get A Clue

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