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Wise Thread Explains Why We Need to Be Talking Salary With Our Peers

Talking pay is rarely easy in the workplace. Employers generally discourage salary talk, and looking out for your people can result in accusations of “unionizing." What they're really afraid of is learning what you're worth to them as compared to your colleagues. There are downsides to these conversations - feelings can get hurt, especially when you learn that you make a lot less than a new hire after over a year of helping the company profit. Ultimately, however, knowledge is power, and it's g…
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Funny posts written by entitled, demanding people | James Bloodworth Follow @J_Bloodworth just written book on difficulty working class kids have breaking into professions because proliferation unpaid work Huffington Post contacted saying sounded interesting. They asked write something Unfortunately they wouldn't be able pay however despite being multi-billion dollar company. So here's my article are part problem HuffingtonPost End.

Entitled People Who Took 'Cheapskate' To A New Level

These people are infuriating.
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Facebook story about a woman who faked her own death to get free clothes | am going through my wife's phone. She on way this morning and hit head on my person texting and did not make This is her husband do l pay this bill know much she wanted this and iam going have her buried. have been touch with police hacked into and my brother is police office found out who is! They also sent doesn't take this down i am pressing charges against her did not message her order her nothing s crazy wrote police

Cheap Lady Fakes Own Death Just To Get A Free LulaRoe Dress

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Text conversations with cheap people | can cashapp 200 real quick where mamas? San Diego Jobs, Employment San Diego, CA Jobs

27 Entitled Cheapskates That Need To Get A Clue

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Funny dank memes entitled "Spongebob's Wallet" where Spongebob looks put off then opening his wallet with an odd happy expression | Tourists they see beggar Tourists they see fountain | companies think see prices 20.00 $19.99

Nineteen 'Spongebob's Wallet' Memes For The Cheap-Asses

We always love a good Spongebob meme!
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It's Witchcraft

Funny tweet about how several low-priced items at Target can add up to be a lot
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Enraging story about a mom who refuses to pay her babysitter

Obnoxious Lady Refuses To Pay Her Babysitter Because She Got Free Ice Cream

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Funny memes and tweets about clothing store Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy

Forever 21 Files For Bankruptcy (15 Reaction Memes)

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I'm Out

Simpsons meme about entering one's credit card information for a free 30-day trial
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It's Called Saving

Tweet that reads, "Adulting is putting back the $4.86 pack of chicken and getting $4.66 pack cause that twenty cents adds up"
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karen tries to get cleaning service for cheap

Entitled 'Karen' Demands Dirt-Cheap Housecleaning From Woman With Dying Child

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Money's A Little Tight Right Now Sorry

Caption that reads, "Cashier: Your total is $123.67. Would you like to donate $1 to charity? Me: ..." above a pic of Lil Wayne nervously grasping a wad of cash in his hand
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Cheap Ain't Always Better

Caption that reads, "My finger when I use cheap toilet paper" above a pic of Jeffree Star behind a see-through curtain
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They'll Never Notice A Thing!

Caption that reads, "'Can I copy your homework?' 'Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied;' 'Okay'" above a pic of the Starbucks logo above a pic of a knock-off brand's logo called "Stars and Bucks Cafe"
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Caption that reads, "'How broke are you?' Me: ..." above a pic of a plate of rice shaped like a chicken drumstick next to some ketchup
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Cheap knockoffs.

25 Cheap Knock-Offs That Are The Epitome Of Bootleg

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